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  1. HELLO EVERYONE! First, about iDaniRF. iDaniRF is “My Friend”:) its Cool sound and Cool Battle and Cool VIDEO:) @iDaniRF,Long live:) Next, the reason why I made this topic is, "I think people on YouTube are in different countries and can't actually meet." In such a case••• https://discord.gg/4dS6hQyUGe My friend iDaniRF will show up:) (Please don't think iDaniRF will show up every day. Sometimes I'm busy.) Eneryone,Nice to Meet You! @iDaniRF,I am My friend:)
  2. ^^^ Stats ^^^ Weight: 48 knockback: 1 Range: 4-5 uses: 1 ============================ ~~~ lvl 1 Legendary ~~~ ELE dmg: 72-98 Energy dmg: 17 Reg dmg: 24 Resist Drain: 12 ============================ ~~~ lvl 40 Legendary ~~~ ELE dmg: 113-147 Energy dmg: 36 ============================ ~~~ lvl 1 Mythical ~~~ ELE dmg: 132-160 Energy dmg: 57 Reg dmg: 53 Resist Drain: 25 ============================ ~~~ lvl 50 Mythical ~~~ ELE dmg: 152-210 Energy dmg: 82 ============================ ~~~ Divine ~~~ ELE dmg: 175-236 Energy dmg: 88 ============================
  3. So i have decided that i will return to record videos to youtube and i need some serious improvements to my channel such as editing and channel overall. So you wonder the following: "why are you writing this on an yt channels topic on an game fórum?" The reply is simple i Will upload my final videos of SM then i will be gone from SM videos, so you can now say that i am from kinda away from this community, in the start i have joined the old forums for Fun but then i started like more of this community even though the game is now kinda dead i Will remember some of you guys. So bye for now and from now on i Will not be active on forums, i Will only read but only to see if has some change to the game. I love you all guys and i hope the game gets better than legacy era and becomes an popular game that everyone knows.
  4. Hi folks, I'll post all my YouTube vids here. Enjoy! CleverNameSM YT Channel Testing a Crazy Build Series Testing a Crazy Build Ep. 1 (Physical) Testing a Crazy Build Ep. 2 (Energy) Testing a Crazy Build Ep. 3 (Heat) Testing a Crazy Build Ep. 4 (Physical) Testing a Crazy Build Ep. 5 (Heat) New Item Features New Item: Overcharged Rocket Battery New Item: Obsolete Energy Cannon New Item: Rock Polisher New Item: Combined Engine Unit New Item: Basalt Polisher New Item: Overload Preventor New Item: Quad Core Booster New Item: Energy Fortress New Item: Damaged Armor Annihilator New Item: Plasma Fortress New Item: Overheated Heat Bomb New Item: Platinum Fortress New Item: Overloaded EMP New Item: Fractured Basalt Annihilator New Item: Broken Blizzard Annihilator Survive or Switch Challenges Boiler Challenge: Survive or Switch Rank 1 Arena Fights Series Rank 1 Arena Fights Ep. 1 Rank 1 Arena Fights Ep. 2 Rank 1 Arena Fights Ep. 3 Rank 1 Arena Fights Ep. 4 Rank 1 Arena Fights Ep. 5 Rank 1 Arena Fights Ep. 6 Arena Fight Analysis Series Arena Fight Analysis Ep. 1 Arena Fight Analysis Ep. 2 Arena Fight Analysis Ep. 3 Rank 1 Meta Series Rank 1 Meta: OP Physical Build Rank 1 Meta: OP Energy Build Rank 1 Meta: OP Heat Build Rank 1 (New) Meta: OP Energy Build Rank 1 (New) Meta: OP Heat Build Strongest Scope Mech Ever?! Rank 1 Meta: OP Physical Build Rank 1 Meta: OP Heat Build Rank 1 Meta: OP Energy Build Rank 1 Meta: OP Scope Build Rank 1 Meta: OP Tank Build Latest Meta: Best Builds in SM (Jan 2021) SM and Chill Series SM and Chill Ep. 1 SM and Chill Ep. 2 SM and Chill Ep. 3 Collabs Challenges with Purific Frantic Encounters Ft. Purific Fan Made Builds Ft. Flecen Energy vs. Heat (Collab w/ FAIOLA GAMES) Other & Misc. Fighting the CEO of SuperMechs (Alex)! Beating 3v3 Campaign in Insane Mode Strongest Inventory In SM Super Mechs in Sync Massive Inventory Upgrade Inventory Update Climbing to #1 in 3v3 season Can you survive Rank 1 with scope builds? Using 6 UPCs in 3v3 4 Axes on 1 Mech Global Chat & Fan Encounters Hugger in the Arena Super Close 3v3 Fight Dominating 3v3 Arena Winning my first solo medal Winning another 3v3 season Hitting 300 AP Hitting 400 AP Hitting 500 AP (current record) Fighting with some Legends Most intense cooldown fight! Winning a lost fight, Rounded vs. Counters Getting Revenge on Counters Testing Crazy Builds Testing New Energy Builds Premium Pack Giveaway! (celebrating 1k subs) Using Clones! Crazy Boiler Build! 4K Health Mech Inventory Management Guide (fooding divines)? How to Spend Tokens in SM (spending 70k tokens on inventory space) Opening 50 Premium Packs Opening 200 Premium Packs
  5. Hello and welcome to my channel. I post super mechs shorts, meme compilation, edits and more! Enjoy all my videos! - Btw if you want to send a meme short or collab with me, talk to me or send the video on my discord cux i am more active there. My discord id is Doom_Bringer#8456 - Here is my 1st post on this topic Enjoy
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