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O.D. FARM Progress Little by Little


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Well, I will say yes in some ways. It all depend of luck on your account. I have seen free to play like my former leader Scorpion always free to play and been R1 every season with limitations. I know few others players free to play and they are top in every season. Some people like me we were free to play then decided to get some tokens and items. O.D. FARM and OKI DOKI were free to play and reached top position as free accounts. 

This account started with base post base insertion back on 2020 January. I made this one on February 2020. Sure later got items but never developed till more recently. 

Now, my recommendation is to focus in what you have and have fun with it. If you get focus in what others have better than you then you will be unhappy. One thing you need to consider is that you have no idea what the person went through to be there. It is easy to finger point to people that buy and have better parts but at what price as I know some on the 15-25k till to day and I am not one of them.

In other hands, I created another 6 accounts as powerful like this one and those are free to play all the way. Yes I know well how hard is free to play and free-purchase side. 🥴

Be happy with what you have. Develop the account as fast you can as I do. I farm all day long and do little pvp. It is up to you to progress regardless if have money or not. Trust me that my accounts are based not on items with money but farming and pvp plus titan, portals and raid. 

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Hi Pilots

It is me again with interesting news. 🤣🤦‍♂️😒🙃

The progress still slow and costly. It is a pain to try to max part farming. 

Today it is a short update like every week or every other week. 

I was able to increase gold reserves from 75 to 81millions. I decided to craft some 1k power kits because too much gold to spend and hard to recover at list for now not playing that much and lower farming. I am doing ok finishing enough of the old stuff in myth status for very long or for some recent. Today I decided to do few of more recent parts around and few older under test parts of mech test at low rank. 

Factories still working for those 1k but I will let the rest of cards to be finished and have them for emergency. I used the rest to do the recent max out and transformation. 

Gold reserves dropped to 72millions and I will be increasing gold for 2 weeks I think then start to craft a few power kits.  

Lets see what I got for this week. 👀



Parts maxed or transformed.






Adding this from 1V1  before I forget

Super Mechs_2021-09-17-13-30-22.jpg

Super Mechs_2021-09-17-13-31-42.jpg

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Hi super duper pilots

It is is me again. I am guessing your are doing fine.

O.D. Farm progress it is been slow and my focus still on just farming and max some parts available to max at myth status. It is been hard to accumulate gold but it is progressing a bit. My current goal is to increase gold reserve for another week then might craft some power kits. I do not know how many in this case. I have to evaluate direction been a younger account than OKI DOKI acc and with less weapons around. In am preparing my mind set for later to open boxes and then to use base factories for legend option. I am sure the legend option will be use in the near future for this account. OKI DOKI  account will take more than 6-8 moths to even think about to use factory legend option. 

I will increase gold passing 80millions then will craft maybe no more than 2k power kits. I really do not know. Will see. I do not have many weapons left at myth status but still enough to work some of them then start to myth parts at legend status and create legends from epics for meat.

Let see

Gold reserve increase to 77 millions slow but steady. I decided to increase few tokens. Not that bad gold reserve but pretty low for weapons around to work on. 


The base is been idle and last round of power kits were not consumed all. I have on reserve 400 power kits to be use for emergencies till I can start to craft new ones. Maybe I will be thinking to work on BASE factories to max out levels. 


It is been the same thing as OKI DOKI. No enough time to play the game and not titan, war, missing raid, missing daily etc. I consumed the mix boxes and I am trying to increase them. Not many boxes around. I have few decent amount  of premium boxes accumulated for very long knowing I might need them because lacking of power. I won't rush any opening and will focus on current inventory if is in need. 






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