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  1. backfire is too much bro
  2. 1:00-6:00am(us) is best time never play in 9:00 am or you will meet a lots of strong players
  3. stay at level 50 and focus on leg
  4. Mercy Platinum plating Superb Charge Falcon Distance Shedder I just want to upgrade my physical mech
  5. Goodbye, have a nice time after quit
  6. energy is very strong in low-mid ranks, i've been destroyed by a dual hot flash mech even with 524 energy and 235 regen
  7. use interceptor and the grave digger for it it will be the worse mech ever
  8. i should happy :v cuz im missing it too
  9. worse thing ever nice u almost get grand master
  10. sliver box actually but get epic(chance to get legend)
  11. 6,5 decent but too easy to count/energy break your mech has a lot of problem, try to find it cuz its your mech, not others
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