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  1. Testing Premier Pro frame interpolation. Will try again with at least double the output fps to see if it'll make SM look any better.
  2. Correct, all energy weapons do this. Any energy drain inflicted to an opponent with 0 energy is converted into Electric Damage. Somewhat bugs me that this mechanic isn't explicitly stated in game outside of when it was first released years ago, as well as in the stat pop up when hovering over weapons in battle. EMP however, does not ignore Electric Resistance. It simply has high energy drain so lots of it's drain is converted when the opponent hits 0 energy.
  3. Completely incorrect. Seems you're forgetting the years we went with rampant cheaters running around disconnecting players from arena battles, cheat engine abuse for multiple kit slots, new broken mythical items every week, and no daily events? I don't know where you've developed this victim mentality, but I suggest instead of crying and complaining, you take a look back at years prior to this and revaluate how good we have it now
  4. If you can't go a few hours without SuperMechs you need to rethink your priorities.
  5. Arena is down but I can still grind the campaign event. If you tried entering arena and are now locked out (via reconnecting error) try logging in on mobile, then back on desktop. That fixed it and saved me some frustration
  6. I like how the day after you posted this topic we got a gold portal with increased rewards.
  7. I hate to be that guy but... https://developer.apple.com/app-store/review/guidelines/#business specifically 3.3.1...
  8. Seems pretty fair to me when the only thing you need to do to get out of 'low ranks' is to max your items and arena stats. The former of which can be done at one item per week once you find OD6 insane. The ladder takes a year, at least for the relevant arena buff categories. Point being that it won't affect low ranks, because the players who max their items won't be low ranked much longer. That's how the progression system works...
  9. Just a heads up Sawz, since it seems like you're pretty confident in the effects of regeneration damage. Rightfully so, it can be a useful tool for energy mechs, but I just wanted to point how you've gone a complete 180 since your EMP buff thread. On that thread, you argued that my buff suggestion would be a nerf. I hope now you realize that it would actually be a pretty big buff, as 75 regeneration damage is pretty high and will service energy mechs quite well in arena. In the same vain, I believe the weapon you're suggesting here would be fairly weak without at least double it's current r
  10. Premium packs always have been and probably always will be better.
  11. https://workshop-unlimited.web.app/
  12. One of, if not the best topic I've read on this forum. Yes, yes please.
  13. This thread is a copy paste of a reply I made back on the old forum, on a thread about helping SuperMechs improve. You can find the original post here, at least until the old forum dies. I've gone back through the post and believe all the ideas have stood the test of time, so I'm reposting it here. Thanks in advance for reading. ___ In my opinion, one of the best ways to improve the player experience while increasing retention and revenue is to greatly increase the reward for top clans and players. Below I’ll elaborate a list of changes that will provide incentive for everyone to keep p
  14. Tried and true classic for F2P rounded physical. Pair with Windigo, Zarkares, Nightmare, Brutality, Molten Platinum Vest, Fractured Heat Armor. Can swap out the Iron Plating for something else as per preference.
  15. No offense but this is a poor example, because the effects of resistance are cumulative. As a counter example I'll use divine Fractured Heat Armor on divine Claw. This combo has 3045 health without any additional modules. If I add a divine platinum plating (40 kg) it's health increases to 3377 but resistances stay the same. If I add a divine mighty protector (only 28 kg) it's health remains at 3045 but it's physical resistance increases to 88. Assuming the average physical weapon and drone hits for 300 damage (fairly realistic), the platinum plated mech will survive for about 3377 / 3
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