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Forum Tournament - Police Mechs 🚓🚓


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Hello Pilots,

I'm super excited to announce the Police Mechs community tournament! If you were a user of Tacticsoft's forum you may already know what this is because we already organized few tournaments like this. For those who are unfamiliar what the tournament is about I will explain it shortly, but first I want to thank @Marija and @Fluffeh who will help me out with this event! 


What is Police Mechs tournament?

The main idea of this tournament is to bring community closer together and have some fun by battling in ways you wouldn't do in a real match. I think we all can agree that sometimes we just want to try something new, something that just feels out of place. That's why I think this tournament will be a great chance for it and you will see why too after reading the rules!



1. Only common, rare and epic items allowed. Legendary and Divine items cannot be used in this tournament. This way no matter are you a rank 1 or 10, you have equal chances to win.

2. Item level cannot be higher than Epic level 1. Commons and Rares can be upgraded. Reason for this is that we don't need unfair advantage by having higher levels items than your opponent. This way it stays balanced.

3. You must use Energy and Heat weapons only. Physical items are banned from this competition except for charge and modules.

4. You must use at least 2x Energy and Heat weapons (torsos, legs, drones or any other special doesn't count for this requirement). This is so the name of tournament make sense.

5. Heat Bomb, EMP, Firefly and Electrolyte are banned. 

6. Legacy items are not allowed. Some of them could provide unfair advantage over the players who can't get them anymore.

7. Battle is done in 1v1 format.


How can I Sign Up?

To enter this competition you need to do the following:

-After creating your mech for the tournament you will need to send it privately to me on forum along with your INGAME name. 

-You need to screenshot every category of your mech. This is so we are 100% sure you follow the rules. Any unregistered change will result in disqualification!


How long will the Signing Up last?

Exactly one week. Participants will have enough time to make their mechs and collect missing parts if needed. Any late entry or update on your mech will not be validated!


Where can I check who is my opponent and how much time do we have to finish our fight?

After the signing up period ends you will be able to find out who is your opponent here a day later. You have 2 days to finish the fight and the replay code of the match must be sent here. It's up to both sides to decide do they want to play with pads or not. If someone happens to not get an opponent in the first round that player will get a free pass to the next one.



This will probably be the favorite part of the topic for many, but with a good reason! The rewards for this tournament are:

1st place: 3000 tokens

2nd place: 2000 tokens

3rd place: 1000 tokens

But that's not it! Depending on the number of participants we get, random players will get a FREE pack for just deciding to participate, so if you lose you still have a chance to get some rewards! The more participants we have, more people walk away with a free pack so make sure to spread the word 😉


If you have any other questions about the tournament, or have any ideas for tournaments that might happen in the future, make sure to join this club! Again thanks to Marija and Fluffeh for making this possible!


Good luck on the battlefield!





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4 minutes ago, Rambo Gaming YT said:

Correct me if I'm wrong, frantics were banned in the last one. Is that true here?

Also may I send my mechs on discord as it is easier?

They are not banned from this tournament (heat and energy one). You can try on discord I guess but forum is preferred. 

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8 minutes ago, Medikit20 said:

how does this work exactly? all lvl 1 epics and 2 of each energy and heat weapons? 

Max level for items is Epic level 1. You can use common and rare items which can be upgraded if they are not transformed to epic form. Yes you need to have at least 2 energy and 2 heat weapons on your mech. You are free to do whatever you want with other 2 slots (no physical).

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