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  1. Flexing buying my 1st offer and the sweet drops I got from it, including another quad booster after the one I got in a fortune box yesterday. Definitely worth saving up for, especially after the last 4 premium packs I'd bought gave me purple crap. I also got legendary dynamite boots from my free fortune box before opening the packs from the offer. My luck is hot right now! Forgot the 4th box.
  2. I accidentally reloaded while trying to get a screenshot, but I got a premium dual module from a fortune box!
  3. I feel like this would be abused by some people. It would also be hard to balance.
  4. I've seen some information here and there, but was hoping for a definitive answer to this question: What mission and difficulty is best for farming fortune boxes?
  5. Lol I think you missed the point, the star for completing the mission on normal is gone while the hard and insane are both there. Never seen that before.
  6. I have enough legendaries to transform another item to mythical, and since the items I wanted to myth first are done, I thought I'd ask here for tips. All weapons pictured are max except for the hammer, which is close. Also, I will not transform the platinum vest, since it sucks and I'm trying to get a replacement. What should I myth next?
  7. Just got this from a mix item box on OD6 insane.
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