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3 hours ago, Marija said:

I am reminding you of the rules, witch hunt is not allowed. 

Please report instead.

Where there is any witch hunt ?

It is a screenshoot from the current Raid result, every player has access anyways to in game !

The OP has even - I "guess" to prevent any sort of accusation - said "No comment" !

As well as she/he titled this thread "our reality", which cannot be more true, since WE players waited +5 years for a fix from tacticsoft of this issue "abusing the Raid" , which unfortunately never happened !

Now since we players got a lot of promises that such issues will be fixed by the new owner, it is more than understandable that many honest players are upset about the current Raid situation, since we are waiting again for months now for a fix !

I see the OP in no way as any kind of accusation, much more as a very nice reminder of the current bad Raid situation !


P.S.: if your post is meant to prevent possible upcoming accusations, I did missunderstand it and you are totally right with !


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