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  1. Chat in / from Campaign !? Thats new to me ... maybe ... - a new feature @Alexander ? or - an old one (from tacticsoft), which never came live, BUT somehow survived at specific accounts ? or - just a prank !?
  2. Have a good time You did the right thing How was / is your in-game name ?
  3. At this point, the question is not anymore "How", it is now defenetly ... Why ?
  4. This is NOT true ! This is true ! Tacticsoft promised to not touch them, but they broke their promising and changed the 1 kg Teleport to 20k and banned the Shields from Arena ! I do not understand, why you @Alex2040bR need to come up with the opposite of the truth, when you want to ask for something ! Please just ask for it, BUT do not change the facts about ! My opinion ... ... this would be great ! And to be honest, some are useful - still - as well as in the Top ranks, BUT that ("usefull") does not mean that they gain any advantage ... just a different build of mech, not more, not less !
  5. There is a huge difference about ... - being banned for breaking the rules ... and ... - being banned for talking about the truth and facts ... unfortunately both exist Not all and everything is correct, just because someone tells you or you think so
  6. Now with 310 Arena Points ... ... that are an other +40 Arena Battles = 80 "Arena Battles" in ~24 hours with 0 replays Thats sure a new record, because at ALL other 9 Top10 players there you can see their Arena Battle replays ! So the facts are ... - real Arena Battle replays ARE visible (see all other 9 Top10 players AND all players know that for themself) - Replays only disapear after around +48 hours not playing (we all know as well) - only insta quit "battles" are not visible ... so going from ... ... up to 310 Arena Points = around 80 "Arena Battles" = around 80 "insta quit"-"Battles" in a ROW NOT ONE real Arena Battle vs real opponents That must be a very very very strange Replay Bug, that it only occur at specific accounts week by week and that since MONTHS Every single medal won with no competitive battles is worth nothing, absolutely nothing
  7. This Replay Bug appeared again this week ... Going up from 230 to 270 Arena Points in the leaderboard are around 30 - 40 Arena Battles (as sure @Lord Gorgon can confirm) and it was within 2 - 3 hours (so it was NOT to much time which let the replays disappear), BUT only 3 replays are shown ... This issue must be fixed !
  8. Please post here at this thread ... your Fortune Boxes drops So ... sooner or later we will have an overview how good or bad the Drop Rates are for Fortune Boxes Thank you
  9. Watch here the outcome of a player who bought it ... ... result of what he got is shocking I summerized the result in my post below !
  10. Great Video ! And thank you for sharing ! _______________________________________________________________________ An other prove that this game SuperMechs is broken in so many ways ! One way : 4000 tokens = $ 70 (if you buy them without special offers = regular prize) 1 single Meta item (depending on how you define the Meta items) ! RIP SuperMechs ! BUT being a small online game AND being the MOST EXPENSIVE game in the world does NOT FIT An other way: Around +100 players / accounts have most Meta items MULTIPLY times (up to 6 - 8 times) ! Around 10 players / accounts have ALL Meta items MULTIPLY times (up to 6 - 8 times) ! Of course we believe that they ALL spent $ +7,000 If you "assume" you need $ 150 for the same Meta item you need / you want to have ! And this assumption is VERY low about multiply Meta items, as we all can see about the drop-rates for one specific item !
  11. Must be the strongest drone ever existing in the game SuperMechs
  12. We had a great result at this Clan War as well ... So ... since the percentages AND the result shows who has won, I think (and I am pretty sure about), that the percentages and the result is correct, and the system gives the wrong box
  13. Ehhmmm it was you who said, it could be friendly battles ... word for word ... ... so IF they are friendly battles ... 3 replays - 3 friendly-battle-replays = 0 arena-battle replays ! So, IF they are friendly battles it proves my point even more ! So it does not really matter if friendly or not, it is about the missing ~50 Arena-battle Replays (which would have been show over the 2 - 3 hours time-period he was rising from 240 to 290 ! Lets asume 20% really instant quitted (-10 not shown in replays), still 40 replays are missing ! Going from 240 Arena Points to +290 Arena points with 0 replays / 3 replays (choose one LOL) is SIMPLE NOT possible ! So therefore it can only be a HUGE BUG which occurs only at specific accounts OR something else ! Thats the case since replays exist ... you can see your own immediatly after the battle, BUT on all other accounts you can only see them with a time-delay from around 10 - 15 minutes (sometimes faster) ! Which does as well not matter about the cases I mentioned, because these Replays were/ARE missing since many hours !!! I hope that helps to let you understand the situation about replays, how they appear and how they misterious disappear !
  14. That is not the original algeriano account, the original one had a lot of medals (single & clan), its just a new player / account with same in game name !
  15. No ... @YouMadBro is correct ! In all Clan games I know the leader can choose a new leader, if she/he want to quit or leave the Clan ! For a "choose a new leader" or "choose a co-leader" the players asked for years now ! Tacticsoft never solved this issue ! The only 2 ways to do a Clan leader change is either, all except the leader and the new leader leaves the clan (or the leader kicks them) and then the leader leaves as well, so the only remaining member become the leader, and after all members rejoin or you have to ask the game admins/developer to do a leader change for your Clan ! @Alexander is the "solution" still to ask a game admin (you) to do a leader chance ? I mean, do you do it, if a Clan leader ask you for ?
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