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  1. My man using a maxed epic drone instead of his maxed legendary one. Damn.
  2. Listen, whenever you don't add even a single ENERGY module, it's a HEAT counter. And whenever you don't add a single HEAT module, it's an ENERGY counter. And even though those build are INSANELY bad, I'll go with the second one.
  3. First one is 5 days ago and second one is my current one! Thanks to my friend, Ken for buying me the improving mech offer!
  4. Tbh this guy's mocking is just too weak and doesnt even work on me cuz ive experience this before and feels like nothing
  5. Divining my lovely first legendary ever on my main acc :3
  6. For real, my friends thought theres a new update for the portal but its nowhere to be found??? May explaining where is the portal??
  7. I have a bad rng of getting a better torso like monkeys or vests. So I'm hoping on The Claw for hp but I'll lose whenever my recoiler is out of shots. So should I switch The Claw with MSF or just keep The Claw with my build?
  8. Hey, I accidently cleared my notification... I pretty sure I got the notification but accidently close the notification... Will there be a chance for me to get the pack?
  9. Alexander, can I give a suggestion? Can you make the Frantic costs 40 energy and 40 heat because 70 heat is just too much and 30 energy is still low.. the suggestion is just for maintain stats. ( No bully please it's just a suggestion )
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