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  1. I know your said way but it didnt works today, and I watch my ads everyday same time. I hope this problem only for today.
  2. I can not watch adds today on game's pc version. anyone have same problem?
  3. just close game and fallow forum, GM will solve it,
  4. dont use it closed game and wait to solve,
  5. in my write, I said that and what ı want
  6. I know @Raul closed other topic but new reporting system herder than this way I dont want to open another system acc. inmur bla bla. there is an injustice. instead of simplifying the solution, we are going uphill. last week did you banned chaters? or did you give compensation for the losers? really I wonder must we report hackers or must you find them? İf there is in an injustice, we must do witch-hunting, if it is not enough we can discuss or more! @Alexander we need your help and your interest.
  7. Game loading, I see my nick and wait like this. its only for me or anyone have same problem?
  8. I hope @Alexander will ban them again.
  9. I can not login to the game. this is only for me or anyone have this problem?
  10. I spent my 4k token, Drops were very bad, but I took what I need:)
  11. I cant, some players cannot play on mobile, someones can not on pc, I removed and install again but its not help me
  12. its only for me or someone has a same problem? ım using pc version.
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