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  1. Before i start, i just want to clarify that this feature that i just wrote isnt useful for most people but it would be a game changer for me. Everybody knows that schools has started which means = less activity. And this affected my raid farms by a lot. Most of the time i forget about doing the raid. Which sets me back by some. So i thought of this. The Auto Raid. How this is gonna work is that there is gonna be customized attacking techniques. (Basically improved auto play that plays raid as soon as it comes out.) Once again, a majority of the people is gonna disagree with this. But since school is getting more intense each day, it affects my raid & overall game activity. And yes, you are not gonna see me online oftenly. Still a side note: Turkey is having some troubles with schools right now. So even if it doesnt fully close, they might have to tone the face to face learning down.
  2. Idk arena pads seem fun for me tbh. Btw i was editing the post when you replied. I added like 6-7 more concepts might wanna take a look at them :).
  3. Y'all already know. School has started. So im not gonna be active as i was in the past. Im still gonna be active tho. Alright lets cut to the chase. I saw the same event today (fuel regen 100%) and thought: "i dont really get much use of this." So i made this topic. You all already know the current events (im gonna call them events btw) which some of them doesnt get much use and some of them does. (Example: for me 50% more exp in campaign is very useful but the arena token one isnt.) So i made my own concepts. Campaign ones: - -1 fuel on each campaign. (Example: 7 fuel missions are 6 fuels.) - 10% more hp on missions. - Chance of 2 tokens from each campaign (for that day) %15. (could make a better percentage but idk.) - Fortune box on normal campaign chance 10%. (Does also add more chance on boss missions.) - 25% discount on revives. Titan ones: - 25% more damage. - +1 attack. - 10% discount on titan shop. - 10/5 tokens on each battle. (Idk which one is better 10 or 5 lemme know.) - 20k gold on each battle. (Again idk if this is a good price.) Arena ones: - +2 rewarded fights. (Rewarded fights are where you get a free box, coins and arena tokens.) - 50%- time on rewarded fight refresh. - Arena pads are on every rank. (only for that day.) - 10% buff on arena pads. - 20% chance to get 25% more rewards. (Kinda weird and no, you wouldnt get 2 boxes.) - 2.5% chance to get a premium box. - 10% chance to get a fortune box. Overall game ones: - 10% discount on upgrades. - Bots in raid deal 10% less damage. (seems a lot but idk.) - +1 item when crafting. - Buildings get built 10% faster. (for that day.) - 5% chance to get a fortune box out of the normal boxes. (seems bad.) - +1 box capacity on normal boxes. - Random element deals 2.5% more damage. (Kinda random and i put the percentage really low so the element doesnt dominate that day.) - 50% more revard when the raid level is completed. (Not the season ending revard.) -Monke torso is buffed by 666% percent. I couldnt think of more ideas but if you have some or you want to discuss about the new events, lemme know in the replies. Again, im not trying to force the devs to add (they probably wouldnt anyway) but this is a small concept like thing to discuss or whatever. Small note: The "-" at the start is meant to add a new event not to be like -20%.
  4. Join Asthers minecraft server ig idk. You can find it by looking at the first 3 pages.
  5. iSwarky


    It is ok unless if its actually balanced with the mods. Or if like 1-2 of the weapons are not too heavy. (Res drainers repulser etc.) Usually newer players use all the epic weapons they can put, which results in a lot of weight which also results in them dying in arena a lot.
  6. Holy shi- This is actually pretty good. One single gold mine gives roughly the same amount of coins as my fuel cap. Overall thanks for all the info. This will help a lot.
  7. iSwarky


    Do. Not. Fill. All. The. Weapon. Slots. This is a very common mistake every new player makes. They think more weapons = more power. Because of that, they dont balance a single module and loses to a guy who has an upgraded heat weapon who just runs over them. Make a balance difference modules/weapons. Personally i prefer having 4 weapons. Maybe 3 weapons to attack, and one weapon to assist. Then you just fill the rest of the weight with modules/alternatives.
  8. ALRIGHTY Ladies and Gents, the time has come! After painfully spending all the coins i made from farming into this useless HQ, i finally got it to lvl 20. Now you all know that im gonna ask some frequently asked questions that i dont know the answer. 1- How much is legendary items/How much does it take? 2- Does using several factories at the same time speed the crafting progress? (Ive seen people craft the same item like that. Besides than being able to craft different types of cards, does it speed the process?) 3- How long does it take for the gold mines to have max capacity gold? (If im not wrong, it gives 100k daily.) 4- Is the last factory necessary to build? I know its a bit early for me to ask these but they are gonna make an effect in the future so im preparing myself. Dont worry about the cost of things. As you can see, i've got 4 million coins already stored. And i farm a lot from time to time. One last question off topic: How do i increase the fps in super mechs? My device is very old and can barely get like 25 cps. Getting roughly 30-40 would speed up the game + the farmings.
  9. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HELL YEAHHHHHH Lmao gonna flex both my tokens + the lvl 20 base
  10. Maybe because the meta is heat based? Usually it would have been a difference in elecrical-heat weapons but seeing a heat-heat difference is odd.
  11. You still didnt saw my picture with like 9 spam/youtube posts back to back? Lmao
  12. Me with my 11/4 epic drops: im 4 paralel universes ahead of you.
  13. This is actually one of the very first weapons where i didnt ask the community if i should myth or not. First off, its annoying people used this a lot on me so its my turn (includes a divine corrupt beam too) Second, it is gonna be clutch in raid sometimes. And overall this will help me in 2v2 campaign so im glad i did this. oki is gonna reply with "nice" lmao
  14. I think it does give you inventory slots after you get like 5-10 levels. Because i got 5 slots when i was like 3 levels lower.
  15. If they just take their time and read like 5 forum posts, they can easily understand that base is better than silver boxes.
  16. He may be gone... But he is always gonna be remembered as the king. Goodbye.. I wish you the best of luck in your lifetime.
  17. I knew a reply like this was coming... IT IS NOT. About the fact that you can BUY them. IT IS THE FACT that the drops are the exact same of normal boxes. You are basically buying normal boxes when you are buying silver boxes.
  18. Yesterday, i opened 3 silver boxes to get 9 commons. After that, i opened 11 normal boxes and got 4 epics in a row. (what are the chances of that actually lmao) But it kinda disappoints me that the silver boxes are just normal boxes with a different look. So i made this topic Just imagine for a second, what if the silver boxes were replaced with normal boxes? It wouldnt be a big of a difference right? What im trying to say it, silver boxes are THE EXACT SAME of normal boxes. Just the image is cooler. If silver box was actually special by itself and wasnt the same as a normal box, the drops would have been better. It would be different than the normal box. This raises the question. What can we do to increase the value of silver boxes? Well we can: -Make them only drop rare and epic items. -Make normal boxes not drop epic (kinda bad option but still makes silver boxel special.) -Make silver boxes' epic chance higher. -Make silver boxes drop legendaries with a very low chance. (Idk if this is good.) Should silver boxes get a buff? Let me know in the replies. Important side note: Yes, i know you can buy them from the shop its the only "difference" between it. What im trying to say is, you are basically buying normal boxes without doing campaigns. The drops are the exact same.
  19. So i looked at my settings today and i noticed something. There isnt a tab where you can see your statistics. The info tab is very small and barely tells you your achievements/statistics. So i came up with this idea. Seeing your statistics in other games but not in super mechs feels weird. It would be cool if we had one. Im gonna type some of the statistics that i can think of. If you have any suggestions write them in the replies. -Time spent on super mechs: ... -Started super mechs at: ... -How many campaigns have played: ... -How many times played arena: ... -How many times won in arena: ... -How many times lost in arena: ... -Spent ... money on super mechs. -Spent ... amount of tokens. -Spent ... amount of gold. -Earned ... amount of coins in total. -Earned ... amount of tokens in total. -Highest rank achieved in arena: ... -Highest rank achieved in raid: ... -Longest win streak in arena: ... -Entered the top 10 ... amount of times in arena. -Entered the top 10 ... amount of times in raid. -Damage dealt in total of all titans: ... -Entered the clan war ... amount of times. This was all i can think of. Do you think this small addition would be good in super mechs? I could have put this in suggestions :embarrassed:
  20. Its probably about the internet having some problems when you buy it. Im pretty sure you will get payed back since you couldnt control the game. And if you do get it back, dont spend tokens on premechs.
  21. Im not the leade of the clan and i left a couple days ago. And i need lots of coins fast since im gonna get lvl 20 base equipments.
  22. First off let me make things clear, im not begging for some updates, this is a post to just talk and see other people's opinions. So a lot of us had some concepts of features that always thought like "thats actually pretty useful" so this topic is to talk about those features. Personally my #1 request would be auto farming on campaign. Most of the community wants this feature simply because its very small and incredibly useful. To be honest, i can see this feature coming in the next updates. Now im gonna add some side notes to make things clear. We are gonna talk about features. Not weapon concepts as it would be very normal and boring. (You can add feature concepts to weapons like dealing more damage from a far range but dealing little damage up close.) Once again, this isnt a topic to be like "uPdAt plZ". This is just to talk and think about opinions. also my phone had a seizure with some weird statics and stuff so im back with this old slow tablet. Oof.
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