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  1. Same on mobile, go to 3bars upper right > account > account settings > name [change name]
  2. I agree having an inventory limit is good, it loads faster and reduces server storage strain. But the restrictions are too small for higher level players, where it starts is fine but the increases for level ups are too small and far between. the amount of increase for buying more is too small and/or too expensive. (Also paint/color kits should stack in one slot like Divine relics do, that would save space.)
  3. Maybe a thread like this belongs in 'rants & raves' so that peeps can vent their frustrations.
  4. Well, I have been playing before tokens existed. I just telling facts.
  5. Actually buddy it never has had movement. They nerfed the HP, the stomp damage, and removed knockback.
  6. That is kinda the sentiment behind adding movement... But... It seems the consensus of the peeps who voted/commented is tha CLAW should remain as is.
  7. Dude Bluestacks is an android SIM, it only runs with google play. Forget that crap and just get the desktop app. https://supermechs.com/desktop/Super Mechs Setup.exe
  8. The whole clan war thing is not just bugged, it's broken. Win or lose it gives two commons. The last few clan wars I have played in have had results screens with numbers over 100%.
  9. Give Claw a movement rate of 1 The Claw has fallen out of favor a bit, and not surprising since new things shine more and Claw got nerfed and re-nerfed. Making the Claw move would turn it into actual legs instead of a stump. it would still be unique as no others have such low movement. Turning the Claw into a slow moving but still mobile fortress instead of a turret. giving more tactical options, and in no way 'breaking the game' Feel free to have your own opinions, respectfully.
  10. This happens to peeps on the desktop version sometimes. Try going on mobile app and watch an ad there, then they should come back on desktop.
  11. Yes, need to ban the cheaters... but I think the real work is going on behind the curtains, trying to patch whatever hole is allowing the cheats to happen in the first place.
  12. If you bought the "Lumberjack" preconstructed mech, those parts come pre-painted.
  13. Ascension relics are to transform a level 50 Mythic to Divine. The white ones are for ascending ones that start at common, like Iron boots. The blue ones are for ascending the ones that start at rare, like Corrupt light. The purple ones are for ascending the ones that start at epic, like Hysteria. The gold ones are for ascending ones that start at legendary, like Seraphblade. (currently there is no way to paint an Item that is ready to be transformed)
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