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  1. Both the hp and the res could get a little op though.
  2. Damn oki and you are closer than i thought. Oki is like 70 points ahead of you.
  3. Nice try buckaroo. Im not gonna click that link unless if its a forum link.
  4. For now, brutality will carry you for SOME time. But windigo is a better option in any shape or form.
  5. If this faces against a pusher, things might not look very good. But overall it can win a lot of games.
  6. Thats why i added a lot of res drain. It doesnt deal much as a cockpit but it has more res drain.
  7. Thanks i'll use them in the future fanarts.
  8. Long story short, your goal is to upgrade yourself. Here is some useful tips you can use: -You dont need all 6 weapons to be good. Balance the weapons and the overall status. -The base feature might seem bad at first but its like investment. You spend money and gain more money off of gold miners. Factories are useful too. Especially on lvl 15 and 20. -The best mission to play (for gold and xp status) is the Overlord's Den (the last boss) on the 6th mission. Try to get to that mission as soon as you can. -Some starter weapons i recommend: Terror Cry, Annihilation, Zarkares/Windigo Massive Stone Feet (and the other variants) -Get the usage of everything. Raid, Campaign, Titan you name it. -Finding a clan early will give you some boost. (This way you can fight titans and get resources.) -There is posts about how to properly upgrade. You can follow those. -Arena buffs can be useful. Try to go for HP and damage depending on your element. (Maybe even backfire) -There is 3 elements in this game. Physical, Energy and Heat. -Physical Element: Deals more damage overall than Energy and Heat weapons. -Energy Element: Deals less damage than Physical but drains energy. If your energy is completely drained or is at a low point, you cant use some of the weapons. (There is energy-free weapons who doesnt need energy to use) -Heat Element: Deals less damage then Physical, but generates heat for the opponent. If your heat is a bit higher than the limit you will get forced to cooldown. If you are cooldowned you will lose 1 turn. But if its far from the limit, you might get shutdowned. Which will make you lost both of your turns. There is a "cooldown" button where you will be the one to cooldown. If your heat is at a critical point always cooldown. It will still take one turn. -Make sure to activate your drone. Its useful. -Backfire weapons deal damage to yourself, but they deal more damage than non-backfire weapons. -If you run out of uses for a weapon, you cant use that weapon for the rest of the match. (There is infinite use weapons, they dont run out of uses) -Range is important. If your weapon is out of range, then you cant use it. Every weapon has a range/range limit. -Resistance makes you take less damage. Make sure to have a bit of resistance in your modules. More resistance = less damage. Resistance can be drained by some weapons, which will result in you taking more damage. -Every 10 levels you get, you can get an item. -You need fuels to play in campaign. If you level up, the fuels will get refilled. -Your enemy might have range gaps. Range gaps is where they cant use a single weapon. You basically force them to move. -Stay active in the forums. Forums have great info and great content. People like AftoKrator, OKI DOKI, Spam, Me, Asthley will help you out. -Upgrading costs coins. -Tokens are the most usefull currency in the game. When you save up enough, ALWAYS buy premium PACKS. You will waste tokens if you buy premium BOXES. -In raid, you goal is to destroy the bots while taking as less damage as possible. -In titan fights, your goal is to deal as much damage as possible before dying. -There is 6 tiers in total, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythical, Divine. You cant get mythical and divine weapons from boxes. -In order to get a weapon to the next rarity, you have to use the needed amount of the same rarity items. (Weapons are limited to have a max tier some weapons are maxed in epic tier, some in legendary.) -Power kits give you more boost when upgrading. -Ascencion relics allow you to get a weapon to the Divine tier. -Transfor relics allow you to transform a weapon using them. -If you reach a certain amount of streaks in arena, you will get 2 stars. -If your clan gets enough arena wins, you can get a litte revard. -Each arena seaons ends at saturday. When the arena gets you will be rewarded with the best rank you got. -When clan wars end, you will get a box containing ascencion relics. (The better you do in war the better relics you are gonna get.) This is all you need to know. Hope this helps. Everyone has respect to others no mattar what fights happen. So dont feel shy you are very well welcomed.
  9. After 20 minutes of agony i came up with this. I found a sketchy paint app but i did what i was intented it to. (Doing this on a phone is so damn hard) LEGENDARY STATS: (this is a scope btw) Damage: 306-478 Resistance drain: 20 Uses: 1 Range: 8 (same as falcon) Energy cost: 97 Heat cost: 103 Firing Animation: Valiant Sniper MYTHICAL STATS: Damage: 502-657 Resistance drain: 25 Uses: 1 Range: 8 Energy cost: 146 Heat cost: 155 Animation: Valiant Sniper (I didnt add divine as most people would know what it would look like) Idk if there is a better site to fanart on, but this is still something.
  10. Ngl sounds good. Everytime someone tells something about metal, this is what comes to my mind:
  11. Its at the end of the topic he says: Ima be real with you, i did this topic because of people saying HURR DURR IS OFFER WORTH PLS TELL? The end got me so bad
  12. Cant say he is wrong. But from what i saw, saying noob literally doesnt feel like an insult. I've seen far behind that and noob just seems like "you can do better" to me tbh.
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