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  1. Its at the end of the topic he says: Ima be real with you, i did this topic because of people saying HURR DURR IS OFFER WORTH PLS TELL? The end got me so bad
  2. Cant say he is wrong. But from what i saw, saying noob literally doesnt feel like an insult. I've seen far behind that and noob just seems like "you can do better" to me tbh.
  3. Ik n00bs was like a bit far but like its 2021, everyone considers newbies as noobs. Besides i wrote it with zeros lol Its no bother for who is experienced but the only thing i saw in the forums in this week was base, fanart and complaining about updates. And holy crap i JUST posted it when did you see this?
  4. There is a lot of mfs out there complaining about updates (usually the new players) so this is what they want. I watch fnf content and there is 2 major devs for mods. KadeDev and BanBuds. They are some professional coders who coded the most popular mods. And they are REALLY fast with it. They can make mods in just weeks. Im pretty sure that they can add the small details that players want. If kade accepts the deal, then the n00bs complaining would shut for some time. He has done mods for other games in the past so he might accept it. This for everyone who is tired from the "no update" posts. (Banbuds is taking a break rn if im not wrong.) The forums have been slient for like 6 hours. Lemme light it up again. Also i just realized, n00bs want new weapons that they cant get. What are they gonna do watch youtubers unbox it? i didnt know what to post ok? This is the least i could think of.
  5. Honestly im fine with any types of cockpits. All i want is to one shot that damn raid bot who sits in range 8.
  6. It feels like its kinda rigged. I got the rank 10 box like 7 times without any legs and i got the rank 12 box and i get a legendary first time. I'd say its about rng but like its not just me whos getting legs out of r12 boxes.
  7. SHEEEEEEESH Afto with everything new doe. New pfp, new signature, new rank. Dang congrats. Emp bomb lol
  8. I swear rank 12 has to do something with legendary drops. I have been grinding to rank 10 every single season in the past. I was only getting epics. But when im too lazy to grind, I GET THIS. Its not just me either. Someone in my old clan said the same thing too. He said: Fun fact: if you want legendaries get a rank 12 box. This HAS do something with the drop rates. Like r12 should give you epics and r10 should give you legendaries but its the exact opposite. Grinding ranks a literally worthless now. Just get 3 r12 boxes and you are literally guaranteed to get a legendary. Some people might say you just got lucky. But lets just be real here. If a guy whos getting a r1 box is only getting epics and a guy with a r12 box is getting legendaries, the drop rates must've done wrong. Am i complaining? No. Am i confused? Yes. (I put this in game discussions because its not just me who is getting legendaries out of a r12 box.)
  9. Ok ok. I didnt know. You can revive at the last boss. Or you can do this in the 2v2 insane version if you want to.
  10. You still got a looong way until grandmaster. But im sure you'll get it. I would assume that you would get awarded with some tokens for reaching grandmaster first.
  11. I dare you to beat The Danger Zone boss on 3v3, (on either hard or insane) with all 3 of your mechs surviving. There is one rule and that is to not revive before you are gonna fight the boss. Idk if its too hard or not as im not to that level but i guess its fair enough. The first winner gets a cookie.
  12. Flex your new rank lol I think you got past spam congrats A l l i s e e i s a d a n c i n g g i r l a n d f r e a k i n g m i c k e y m o u s e. This reminds me of a meme lol And dont question the amount of the yt notifs. Its a daily thing at this point.
  13. So its not REALLY necessary? Oh and also you have to wait for a offer to be 1000 tokens too. Its either that or you just wish me luck and i go for it lol
  14. Lately i have been saving up some tokens and im around 450-500. It would be super cool to have a cockpit piercer because 1- its perfect for my mech 2- its very helpful in campaign, raid and titan. So i have made a post about the best way to get tokens. But now what is the best way to SPEND tokens? Is it better for you to buy a prem pack or do you have to be patient af so you can buy a 1000 token offer?
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