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  1. Boss will spend some money and advertise, this is a trade, under the name of the game customers buy a service, if customers dont be happy or pleased they leave in your system. this is the result of our experiances. many players dont need to be patient like us. we have unreformed or uncorrected problems ,hackers ,bugs, personal egos bla bla. if we need fixing something they must fix that, if game need innovation they must do that. that's the problem. May be big youtubers help to find new players and to enlarge our community but results will be same.
  2. they gave me chat ban cuz I said same problem they said it's name is witch hunting But I dont know their's doing names
  3. I know your said way but it didnt works today, and I watch my ads everyday same time. I hope this problem only for today.
  4. I can not watch adds today on game's pc version. anyone have same problem?
  5. just close game and fallow forum, GM will solve it,
  6. dont use it closed game and wait to solve,
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