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A Song Dedication


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Go ahead and dedicate a song with free spirit. No insults Please. Not a replacement to what song your are listening thread.  

I dedicate this song to, TF, GATO, current and fallen Pilots and their love between each other. 🤭😘🤣 I love that due of course the song too. Have seen them 4 times in person. Funny Guys. 


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yeah,  I saw AC/dc 2 times back in the 80 and 90. Never Michael.  Yeah, are a bit sad songs and good times dancing at the marquecinas de casas when I spent time on Puerto Rico or Panama when young.🤭🥰

11 minutes ago, Nefertary Meriten-Mut said:

I've also seen them in person, but the songs are a bit sad. For the vintage, Im more of ACDC or Michael Jackson ...


I love this song and video. 

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hmm, looks familiar. I think my nephew played when young.  he is old now. 🙂  I purchased almost all his electronics games and consoles. 🥶 his mom used to say "call your uncle to see if get it for you". 🥴

dedicated to those with free time to play 🍺🤡😉



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