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  1. I won't mind , but I won't wait another 3 month for new item and another 1 years for updates, No! Don't worry, I don't put dog poo on my back, so you can keep it or eat it since you like to talk about it. I don't have close relation to you, but what if you close friends or clan mate suddenly disappear without any reason? That questioning you for whole life! Anyway I need get some milk, be back few sec-
  2. I'm going quit next week. No new update and item came out, so it getting bored lately and I'm really busy rn. I think Soviet won't mind if I join the club. So... Peace out! Thank to this people dedicated me on my journey: @OKI DOKI @Pizza4UAndMe @Bunboy @S H A B B A And bye Candela bros . Stay strong .
  3. How odd of chance to drop Quad Core like that? Must be hacker . No offense though.
  4. Day 8, waiting for new part/item and update.
  5. It was older than me, good old memories.
  6. Unfinished work to do at 2 am. Stressed out, might be chill to listen some random music. I realized it was my childhood game almost forgotten :')
  7. Day 7, waiting for my time pass me by.
  8. Clan war doing great. Time to feed my falcon.
  9. Day 6, Make retirement list to do.
  10. Xynt


    There's no way to unlock it, but you can obtain it.It usually came from season box, fortune box, premium box and premium pack. It was called "premium" for reason because the drop rate are very small and powerful as well. Premium item have 3 tier. Legendary, mythical and divine. As long I know it was nearly impossible to reach top rank without 1 this days.
  11. Day 5, waiting for new item/part every weeks as usual. Day 100, bored.
  12. Maybe it must be your email problem then. If you have other devices try to login using it, if that doesn't work, what will?
  13. This is common crash. I'm not sure what really cause this, but I do know you need restart you device. Give it a try. Tell me if it was working.
  14. Hi new! Welcome to forum.
  15. Hello!

    I must saying that I have good run. Thank for support and be there to give hand when I fall.

    So...this time you don't have to do it again. I be off, for real. 

    Sincerely, Xynt

    1. Xynt


      19 July is my last run btw

  16. Day 1 waiting for op Kraken offer.
  17. Xynt


    Hmmm...what this about? I don't get it, maybe I didn't use enough brain% to understand this. This beyond my understanding.
  18. The paint will not be removed when you evolving it. From Common-Divine.
  19. I don't really recommend base disable, but if that what you want. http://Create New Request - SuperMechs Community It can take over day, week even months. So be patient.
  20. It is possible to get leggy in hard. Infact that was the only place I farm most. Overall the run going great I got: 19 legendary items. 200+ epic item. 33 paint. I'm short out of token, if I can catch up next years I might save up 2000-3000 token next. 1000 is just too short...
  21. I have enough paint for torso and leg for now. And ton of leggys. I didn't remember how much I refuel, but for sure I stay up 7pm-6am and then continue grind 8am-2pm.
  22. "If we can" , but i still sad and happy about the results at same times. It feel like wanted something that I didn't need.
  23. Update: I got few paint, ton of ton epic and 9 legendary :v Refuel:6 times. I still want exchange legendary to paint lol.
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