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  1. I think you can get a lot of purples that will be useful for upgrading. Some legy's food of myth also useful for upgrade and maybe 2 and if you are very lucky, 3 VIP. I would jump into the pot if I needed items, but the new module offer for 2000 tokens seems better to me.
  2. You Killin, are pro-admin for a sandwich and a coke (and you know "bro" as we call that down here in the South). Most players cannot complete this event unless they have a few VIP items. I don't just look at my situation. A portal must be accessible to all, any player of medium rank should be able to complete it without having to spend 30 or 40 tokens on revives (sometimes with no results). Learn to side with the players, Killin. When you were banned by the administration for shitting, it was we, the players, who pulled the rope for you to be forgiven. Among us you are an equal, for the a
  3. I mean ... you need premium items like swoop and the VIP resis modules to beat the insane mode. In other words: give your credit card to GatoGames in order to win 120 tokens. A scam. The same as the 3x3 campaign, buy multiple revives, buy premium items to earn a certain amount of tokens that doesn't even reach 10% of what you invested.
  4. Here we are not talking about a difficult portal, we are talking about an impossible portal for 99% of players. Between the impossible and the possible, I prefer the possible even though the reward is less.
  5. Nooooo .... Heat bomb doesn't work for insane. You will need at least 2 revives to get to the bigboy. And once you reach the bigboy you will find a 3000 HP mech that will deal 1000 damage with his weapons. Try everything, up close, far, with electric, with phys, with heat ... What is the point of doing an event that 99% of the players will not be able to complete?
  6. He has played regularly until 2019. In a way, El Metre realized before I did that the game was going very badly.
  7. The gold portal is a scam. The insane mission is for you to spend tokens on revive over and over again. If you do not want to lose the tokens you acquired in normal and hard, don't be stubborn with the insane mission. How easily an event that once was more or less good can be ruined!
  8. He didn't return. He never really left, but only plays very occasionally. He gave a lot to the game and to the community, I remember there were days when totally tired he still got strength to dedicate to GOAT, just because he liked to see people happy. And Supermechs paid him, as admins paid us all, by making private deals with the first cheap-talk that came their way.
  9. The pharaohs of Egypt had many wives as a way to seal deals with foreign kings. But each new wife arrived with an entourage of more than 100 servants, so each pharaoh kept hundreds of people linked to the haren. When a King died, the successor also inherited the haren.
  10. Pancho Villa had 75 women and he married 23 times ... (he was not very demanding)
  11. Heat needs the heat version of Sparked Runners, that is, L / M legs that walk 3 places.
  12. For my build style, Bobson always beats me. But it's because I don't use legs that go 3 places. The only time I beat him was because I had the legs that goes 3 places. However, even though he always beats me, the reality is that Bobson loses a lot against the high ranks. PS: I also lose a lot, but it has a lot of logic because I stopped paying more than 1 year ago. It's a miracle that he can still reach rank 1.
  13. I think the CEO has no calendar because he improvises on the fly.
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