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  1. The idea is good, the intention is good. It favors me, I've thousands of dead Arena coins that continue to accumulate. But what about those who haven't even completed their Arena update yet? This can further increase the gap between the top player and the average player ... or not?
  2. I never forget what The Hunter told me when I started playing SM, he told me "it's just a game, but what you do in the game is how you behave in life." In the end all these muddles and abuses had a positive consequence for me, since I have not put money in the game for 1 year and I feel good about it. Since Clever appeared in the game I realized that there was something wrong with this and I stopped investing money. I just sat in the audience to watch the movie. Then, everything that came came and I felt that I had taken the right path.
  3. I would like to say what I think by points, so as not to interfere with the mustard ... * Regarding the Relics. The system as it had been raised at the beginning was not bad, it was something similar to the Arena Update, it favored old players over newer ones. But it wasn't too bad. The problem came when Sarah made private agreements and the beneficiaries of those agreements abused the benefit that was given to them. And Gato didn't correct this because it doesn't suit them. I hope that one day Alexander becomes aware of what is happening and decides to do something about it. Deep down, still, somewhere, there must be something of the Alexander that I knew. * About Gold Portal, if I haven´t read it wrong, what was said is that the difficulty would be less and that the reward would be somewhat lower as well, but didn´t say that the reward would be the same as that granted by TS. Which is not the ideal solution, but at least is a middle point between what we would have wanted and the interests of the administration. * I was concerned that Alexander implied that there will no longer be Item Portals. I don´t know who he consults with, but the issue that players do not want item portals doesn´t seem correct to me. That the mechanics are repetitive, it´s true, the same happens with the campaign. But the same. it's the only way to get some better items. So I don't think players don't want item portals. * And if every time we make a comment to make things better, they are going to say that we are conspirators or that we accuse others of conspiring, then we are screwed. Bad criticism, if done with good intention, is much more productive than good criticism. The bad review makes us see the mistakes and encourages us to improve.
  4. Immediately after reload, when Energy was the meta and Rising was on first place with 6 bunkers, El Metre and me took many months, almost 1 year to get 1 Bunker, but we had 5 Magmas each one of us! Once I got the first Bunker, the second one arrived shortly after, but Energy build was no longer meta....
  5. Once, a long time ago, we talked about it. Is something in the system, something automatic or something that has been programmed like that. Somehow the system interprets what you don't have and what you do have. Of what you already have, the system will give you more. But it will cost you a lot to get what you don't have, once you get one of those, you will get the second one more easily. One player mentioned that he did some alt accounts, in some he got a lot of heat item, in another a lot of energy or phys. It could be a defect in the system, but I am more inclined to think that it is another strategy to sell. What is really funny is that this has survived so long, because it has been like that for years, through all the changes that the game has had.
  6. It so happens that Tactic-Gato's strategy remains the same. The strategy is to have a lot of junk legy's to decrease the chances of getting VIP items. That way they can sell more. It's a way for people to buy more. They always put a player in the showcase, like a fish in a fish tank with a meta-build for all to see. If the player is not very good they give him some extra advantages so that he wins and stays up and well visible. Sometimes the player isn't aware that they are using him, as they did with Rising and Canopy and other times the player-fish lends himself to the circus, as they are doing with CleverName. And then everyone wants to have the same thing that that one has and the one who can buy and buy. Whoever refuses to be fooled is condemned. If the meta is phys and you insist on playing with heat or energy, you're screwed (at least for a while). Si...The strategy is to generate the need to buy to obtain the fashion item and then admins fill the boxes with dead items, so that the VIP item is more difficult to obtain. Nothing new, nobody has invented anything here. Now, the players who have been in the game for a few years, we already know that this is the case. It is crap, but they have always done it and in some way we have naturalized it. What isn't understood is why they made promises that were not kept. There was no need to tell people that updates would be made in February, creating a false expectation. An impulsive and totally irrational attitude.
  7. It's a shame the item portals disappeared. It was one of the best events in the game.
  8. I've also seen them in person, but the songs are a bit sad. For the vintage, Im more of ACDC or Michael Jackson ...
  9. But the 4000 token offers are engaña-pichanga because the drop rates for good items are bad. Tacticsoft nerfed the drops and Gato didn't correct this. What Gato seeks is to attract buyers among the mid-rank players. That is why the item portals have also disappeared and that is why the rewards are better but difficulty increased to the point that is impossible for a player of average rank who doesn't buy. Tell me when was the last time you saw a heat bomb in a silver box !? Or an epic resis drainer??! So ... I can understand that they want to attract buyers, but that they don't lie saying that they want to "help all the players to reach rank 3", because it creates a false expectation that is not real and the guy who peels his ass collecting 4000 tokens and then getting bad drops is disappointed in everything.
  10. For a f2p the portal tokens are treasures. For the buyer who has everything, are worth nothing. When I was a buyer, I wasted countless opportunities to make free tokens. Alexander said he wanted to help players reach rank 3, so ... if you really want to help, lower the difficulty so that everyone gets their reward!
  11. I agree with Jesper, they should leave the difficulty that the portal had before and increase the reward. I insist that the daily events are to help all players, especially those with less. In Arena and RAID there is competition, in daily events and campaign, no.
  12. Don't publish your username and email here. Even if you have not provided your password, with the username and email, you can already be hacked by a guy with experience in these things. Do not show your email address to anyone or on any public site (I've seen how you post it on another thread).
  13. Tell me how an average player, that is, a player who is at rank 10 and who most of the time does not have mythical torsos, modern modules or mythical HP plates, can dominate the insane mode in this portal. We are not talking about people with rank 5 or higher, who are the minority on the game, but about the vast majority who fluctuate in lower ranks. For these players, even hard mode is hard to beat. We aren't talking about Arena battles or RAID either, but about a portal that is supposedly an event to help everyone (the average gamer) and not just for people who have good and myth things. The illogical logic of the game, you make an event and those who need the least end up taking the most.
  14. In spanish we say "engaña pIchanga". Something like "trinkets to scam fools."
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