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  1. I didn't say it was common it's obviously not xD
  2. Give me one reason i should follow you and i'll consider xD If i keeps going with the mech i have now this is a possible look for it in the future
  3. Clever has Xinorman ever beat you? You two are some of the top most players in sm dominating the arena right?
  4. Clever name you have another user impersonating you and i beat the living crap out of him in 2v2 XD
  5. LOL this showed up on my notifications! and clevername will likely oneshot me XD
  6. you can do that on sm or the community which one
  7. lol both of my replys have been hidden XD what do moderator's mechs look like_ - Discussions - SuperMechs Community.mhtml
  8. i hate u for this
  9. ...... i kill myself
  10. so ur alexander yea ive seen u around in german and english chat nice to know your the ceo that means you can help me out a bit i also saw a playful round of 1v1 on sm you 1v1ed CleverName that was a nice fight
  11. love u too that was directed towards neko
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