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  1. I guess Marija doesn't give lifetime bans also because she takes into account what the player has done for the community. Because the forum is only and exclusively for the community. Therefore, when Grosboss or Nefy get a ban, other higher principles are taken into account. I mean that in a good way.
  2. No matter what you wrote, I believe you understood what I meant...
  3. OK. Everything happens as it should. I'm glad it's like this. I know you are a fair and zealous new player. I respect you. And if you respect others, we will all be happy.
  4. I'm a little afraid that somehow people who already have a ban tried to explain it in this way. You dance on thin ice Informers try to label everything they don't like or like, such as slander, deception, toxicity, or other things. It's such a court, without a judge. When you write that Malthael is a cheater, it's okay and no one gets a ban. When you write that Everclever is a booster, you get a warning about toxicity at best. In the worst case, you have a ban for a while. Until then, you will either cool down and no one is interested in the topic you have solved, or you will speak again and you have a lifetime ban. Another thing to watch out for is whether you are moving strictly on a given topic. Praise and "like" comments are tolerated, but irony and criticism are warnings, or the topic is locked and done. LOL Some historian or politician might call it a dictatorial regime, but this server calls it RULES. And nobody tells you to be here, you know ... I thought of everything in a good way as an explanation for BESTY Otherwise I have no problem with anyone ...
  5. So now I don't know if I wrote it grammatically incorrect or it was written in Chinese Mandarin, but where do I blame Maria? I am just praising her for not being forced to force snitchers and people who are relational and demanding people like Grosbos, Nefertary, etc (let's be honest) a lifetime ban. Only thanks to Maria are they banned only for a certain period of time. You convicted himself. If you were in Maria's place, you would give them a lifetime ban. Thank God you're not in her place. Don't take everything as an attack on the game, on Alex, and don't put yourself in a position where you have to comment on everything and solve everything. I basically love you, but you can't wait for everyone to nod at you. Try to think about whether you are always right in everything. After all, your view of things is as subjective as mine. It is neither better nor worse. Learn to live with it. It will be easier for you to live.
  6. Apparently he thinks of people who were critical of the regime. It was people who helped a lot with this game, or in some other way tried to point out and uncover certain bad things in the game. It is clear that certain rules are written. But sometimes the problem is that people are wrong about criticism and toxicity. I think Marija is being pushed by people who are close to GATO to give a lifetime ban. I also think that she has to fight hard to defend her autonomy. I also think the owner doesn't have time for this game so there are a few people who take care of everything. But maybe I'm wrong. Just take it as a consideration. Btw. I love Al Pacino, watch an excerpt from the movie.
  7. We don't have to understand some things, we just have to accept them.
  8. So far it's just you evolving. I saw his effects in one leaked picture from the game... it's a cataclysm Or we don't see mech because it uses extraterrestrial technology. Either way, it's the best
  9. For all pilots because love will come
  10. Exactly, so please lock this thread. Therefore, the deed did not happen.
  11. But this is fortunately not happened
  12. This is exactly the reason I expected...
  13. I would like to ask one thing. In ancient times, when the RAID exploit began to be used, hackers made it much more sophisticated. They used the exploit before the end of RAID and got tokens because Tacticsoft / GATO did not have time to react. Now there are hackers who have been hacking since day one. GATO has 5 days to respond. If I can't fix the bug, I have to keep an eye on its violation. I don't understand, can someone please explain it to me? Well thank you.
  14. Best nick ever... big slapping for GATO
  15. In englis mean SUGAR. So sweet result.
  16. Nice nick, SUGAR in english. So, so sweet.
  18. Hi, this is a thread about a similar or the same music line. If you know two or more songs with an identical or similar line, hang it on this thread. Have fun. 1. OZONE vs T.I. feat Rihanna 2. ENYA vs THE FUGEES
  19. Everything has its FOR and AGAINST. I do not envy Maria's work. And I appreciate @Marija as well. She has to work really hard to study why someone was labeled as toxic, or which messages need to be canceled or the thread locked. Or who should get the ban. Few people can appreciate her work. She did it well in TS times and she does it well now. The rules have been tightened a bit. It is much easier to get banned for toxicity than during TS. But it is also necessary to think about freedom of speech. Keep in mind that freedom of speech is one of the basic principles of democracy. We must not allow censorship or be intimidated by the fear of expressing our opinion. Thank you @Marija for your neutrality.
  20. Yes guys, this topic is primary about appreciate. Thank you.
  21. It´s very bad to insult and lie about people. Only if he has proof that this is not a lie. Then it´s not an insult. I guess that also gives you logic. Do you agree?
  22. I´ve been to three clans so far. I don´t remeber the first one. Sorry The other one wa some kind of WLGang (sorry, I don´t know how many there are) but there was a very nice Zylok in it and now I´m in the RF. There are perfect people like @ZERO @Manolis109 @Samnita @Mechzilla @TALΩS @Rambo Gaming YT @Hauer Horatio @PaintedAshwithSnow [SG] _RAMpAGE_HITMAN_47_ Outside the clan, I like @Nefertary Meriten-Mut @rc @OKI DOKI @Nikos @MasterChief @Shared-NW They bring humor to the game, but mainly knowledge and teach average players how to improve and they can also ask unpleasnt questions. And that is rare. If I forgot someone, please sorry.
  23. Please write about vho you value from the community and for what. There are definitely players who deserve it. Please, do not write anything negative or toxic, so as not to cause problems and violate the rules of the forum.
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