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  1. Amazing, more future like soundtrack. Will this going to be ad sm theme someday?
  2. That was probably your internet problem or device. The game doesn't have to do with it.
  3. Do you even need to do all it on once? I think you need to slow down little bit, so we don't get confused. It was not wrong to posting, but don't this...
  4. All item are fine and can be recycled, but healing drone not really necessary needed.
  5. Nice, so this what it look like behind the helmet.
  6. The price of this offer make me concerned the quality of th premium pack .
  7. Is it only me getting this offer? Try to compare rm13 to usd. This is greatest offer I ever get. The time limited tho...
  8. Not the best vision of it, but it always there when I need it.
  9. Xynt


    I don't think the portal will came out again. Hey, who doesn't want 60 token instead 300+ seems good enough.
  10. Rank 4 reward, this come in handy for raid.
  11. Thank, it work, now I can ignor everything they say now.
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