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Old school (when the game was great)


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I'm not so sure that before it was very different from now, at least since I played at the beginning of 2016. What I think is that we change, but not the game ... I mean, so many years of the same, you get disappointed and start to realize how mediocre this game is.

Analyzing ...

* There were favorite and protected players. Players who obtained extra advantages for themselves and for their clans.

* There were players who hung on the ear of the administration. Advertising the game on YouTube and getting a lot of klappers was always a way to even get your sins forgiven.

* There were many cheaters and the game was easier to hack. But cheaters from before had codes though. The matter changed upon the arrival of Shiro Clan. Codes finished.

* Trolling and smurfing were also there. And many account thieves.

* There were management-sponsored imbalances to stimulate purchases. Just like now.

* The f2p player was always considered sandbag for payers to have fun. The difference is that before it was easier for f2p to get tokens, because there was transfer from one account to another and Supersonic was enabled (which was always an important source to obtain free tokens).

Maybe in the days before 2016 it might be better, but I wasn't there.

PS: and by the way, since we're talking about old times, I miss "bestplayer" a lot. Without Betsy the game seems messy and this forum without her is increasingly boring.


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Back then the only limiting factors in the game were time and imagination. It really had a feeling of “the more I play the better I become.”


now the game has made me feel like I cross my fingers every day to get lucky. even when you do get a good item you realize it’s never going to happen at a rate to give you a step change in performance, relative to the top 500 players who have all the premium items.


but I have accepted my place in the ranks and still enjoy playing 

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i am going to express how i feel about this game in 2021

in the old versions the game was for fun the drop rate was good and the ability to mix items to make strong items it was easy to reach high rank but now the game is pay to win

people who pay money get a lot of advantage

and hackers ? i did not know that the game can even be hacked i am in rank (11 to 9) and already battle against 3  maxed mechs


and the updates are slow and by slow i mean vary very very very very slow

and base the new players will leave the game for this

so alex pls we need you solve this problem


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13 hours ago, brutality 2.0 said:

and hackers ? i did not know that the game can even be hacked i am in rank (11 to 9) and already battle against 3  maxed mechs

If you have read the forum, on another thread, someone asked a couple of days ago if there would be another banwave  and the admin replied that there will be a small banwave soon and a bigger one later, because they want to start the next 3x3 with fair play. ...

Which means that:

* The current management recognizes that there is cheating.
* Honest and confident players will have to wait 2 more weeks for cheaters to be banned. I mean, everyone who is competing this week and next in the hope of climbing the ranking list ... well ... I don't know how to express it without making it seem offensive ... but they are truly dumb.
* There were bans a few weeks ago, but it seems that cheating wasn´t removed at all. Therefore there is no guarantee that cheaters will disappear. So I don´t understand how there are people who still invest real money on this and believe that the competition is fair.
* I was right, there are too many people with good items and not all are payers. In fact I was about to ask where they were giving away VIP items ... if we had to sign up for a raffle or something like that ...

In the past there were also cheaters. And sometimes the administration took months to ban them. But before they were better identified. Now they are so scattered throughout the game and there are so many and with so many alt accounts, that there is no way.


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