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  1. Day 589: waitting for ban of cheaters. Day 1193: waitting that developers learn to program and fix their weapon damage algorithm.
  2. @Nefertary Meriten-Mut it is just a game that is played out of habit not pleasure. I told them that gatogames would be the same as tact Componentes. Nothing changed, they are just taking the last dollars out of the game while they let it die.
  3. We don't have to change anything, because we don't care what you decide to think about this.
  4. they are very bad drop rates are very low. they are a hoax I recommend never spending or buying in this game. actually play free player until you get tired of the game and then go away, spend your money on another game that is worth it and where they give you the benefits for which you are paying. premium packs suck in this game
  5. very bad tactic, it gives 250 reward but places the probability of obtaining good elements in the premium packages at 0%, which by the way I don't understand why they use the name premium pack if they are actually garbage with a very bad drop rate . I made the 10 victories and I'm leaving the game sucks Gatogames is the same as Tactisoft both are very bad companies with opposing views of the players.
  6. ¿Dónde está el aumento de la tasa de caída? amigo, creo que fuiste estafado. @Alejandro ¿qué está pasando? ¿Es esto lo que debemos esperar de su administración? ¿Cuándo empezarás a realizar los eventos o pertenece a gatogames?
  7. You are off topic If you are not going to contribute anything on the subject please get out of here this is not for you.
  8. Who of you remember those great battles, where the strategy was what determined the victory. where skill defined great champions.
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