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  1. so helpfull i could get lots of coins imagine 200% canpainge xp
  2. and im only rank 8 f2p why dont you play anymore ?
  3. i have all of my factories lvl 15 and my gold mines lvl 12,14,18.19 i only need kits so i can max all of my myths
  4. means players that dont spend money to win p2w is lazy and easy to do f2p needs to be back
  5. its weak needs dmg to be 290-450 energy consumption needs to be 100 weight needs to be 85 or 60
  6. i really dont understand why they make them mechs have 1500 hp and deal over 300dmg needs nerfed i cant even complete the missions without spending over 400+ tokens
  7. i think it is strange because i have never put the number in before
  8. the gift feauture used to excist
  9. could you developers disable the base and check if it is being hacked?
  10. banned for being a legendary pilot
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