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11 minutes ago, Burned_Fantom_2008 said:

Hard work

Yes. None stop. The account hasn't missed a single day of farming since created. 🤣


On 8/29/2022 at 2:41 AM, Silver Shadow said:

I’m surprised!!

 I thought your accounts have many divined items.


and for PUKs, yes I meat them for upgrading to another one.






No others part. Yes, I do have epics recently this year and last year. One factor is that I was a solo player for long. The other factor is that I kept OKI in lower rank waiting for O.D FARM to come up with power and play both as same level getting lower rank box. As my goal here has been just to make parts never rank or clan, the account suffered badly on relics. The other condition was, been under development and focus in making parts, the gold was in need, and I had no desire to invest at least on the epic side parts and I still controlling that. image.png.8dce2dc19c39ebc54c155c130f0c8886.png

Basically, I have been playing with disadvantage against tops like you. Another factor is that the game is a bit harsh on me to grant them. The account will be 3 years old next month. Another factor is that even I do have power, I do not play at top position just R3 box and when I get that, I lose interest to go over because in reality I do not have time to focus on the fight, I go like crazy shotting for fun not getting focus to win. It is very rare to do that in a fight. I just play for fun to relax not to try to get up there.  

I have 70 parts divined in OKI my older account. 


Premium=33 with 24 modules, torsos 7 and weapons 6

I have a bit more HP now but lacking on fire power and when compete with tops divined mechs it does have an effect losing by margin or close to lose. Sure, I can get R1 with the limitations and all my R1 wins were without modules divined or weapons divined only in few the torso not even legs but is harder for sure. Also, depend on the mechs on the floor and match making.

Actually, some of those parts divined are related to the several portals and the 5 relics offers. I will have many no relic on reserve. 🥶

correction, epic=33 and 37 premium 

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11 hours ago, Phobos said:

Hey guys, i maxed out energy fortress and i fought an arena match, but the match glitched and it kept showing mechs appear for no reason. I think it was because i watched an arena reply of a recent victory, then i also got into a match. (it was just visual, and it looked cool ig)1815565203_Screenshot_20220922-180038_SuperMechs.thumb.jpg.bc4572cbea59afc07ac656bda16f5195.jpg204051131_Screenshot_20220922-161055_SuperMechs.thumb.jpg.79a1a9d9aba85998587dac602d8c8bac.jpg423638460_Screenshot_20220922-160847_SuperMechs.thumb.jpg.5f772018d43716c65cdbe43d9d0bdb74.jpg

Screenshot_20220922-160918_Super Mechs.jpg


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