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  1. i see why u might hate sacrifice cannon but why tonto? it has no backfire and its better than void
  2. i agree and i think this build would work a bit nicer
  3. 50% campaign gold also get sm on a phone or tablet so u can play it if u have those
  4. note: i have no current premium modules or NRG weapons which is why my modules and weapons are non premium varients.
  5. i never ever used a heat mech for a veryyy long time. if i were to use a heat mech would this build be viable still?
  6. you can also play on mobile if you have a phone or tablet
  7. hey anyone looking for a clan to join in? well oh boy youre in luck (as long as you pass the requirements) * at least be rank 12 * win at least 3 arena matches a day * try your best to go into war (not every war but try your best to go to every war) * titan isnt required but you can do it if you want * if youre inactive for 1 week, youll get kicked so keep that in mind (please tell me if youre going to be out for longer than a week, im flexible with that and you wont get kicked if you tell me why) obviously if you join in you have to be nice and respectful to everyone he
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