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  1. To be fair, I thought smurfers were the only ones in the game. I was wrong when you all started to talk about crashers and stuff. Maybe I should look this whole mess myself.
  2. This is getting quite boring here. Seems like I have to put some salt into this kind of injury.
  3. Ah yes, it's that time of the year. I wonder what will happen here. I want to get a Mk 153 SMAW shoulder-launched smoothbore rocket launcher, and an M203 under-barrel grenade launcher attachment for my CZ805. You know... for some fireworks displays..?
  4. Hey, come here and see Go on, play with me I’ve discarded all the clothes of my old routine! My chrysalis blooms, and my wings will too A butterfly so free as I has nothing to hide! Though up on this stage is noone but me So I’ll call out the steps, the count of 1-2-3 I’ve cut off all of my strings I’m dancing and free I’ve-I’ve-I’ve Gone insane!
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