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  1. Congratulations on your new Oki badge. Just one more...
  2. Currently I am an FP2 player and the highest I reached was rank 4 in 3vs3, I am now testing myself in 2vs2 and 1vs1, this account was dead but I decided to reuse it and currently my inventory is like this and it continues to increase. I repeat it again, I don't need advice and I know what I'm doing. So I know what to improve and not to improve, you don't recommend anything to me, I'm fine like that and thank you.
  3. Oh no! Spam is fed up with Spam! Now what is going to happen? Will it change its nickname? Do not miss it in the next chapter of: SPAM Well, putting the jokes aside, I'm tired of always being asked *ARE YOU A WOMAN?* That's why I don't want to use Queen Rei and change the dead guy, I loved wearing that Avatar but I can't take much Simp. Anyway, I will miss her and I will probably wear the Avatar but not today or when.
  4. I remember someone who posted an art topic, I haven't seen him here in the current forum, I know because I always saw his trailer from start to finish in the old forum. Another one that I don't remember his name, but I do remember his Avatar. I also remember Sarah. Do you think they should be remembered, who would they be according to you? And I almost forgot this one, I have not seen him in the new Forum, I do not remember his name but his Profile photo.
  5. Lo mismo = Same It is not that difficult to translate.
  6. 1_ Yes and no, but if it is mandatory then it is a yes, so remember that I may or may not have solutions. 2_ Pizza, I grew up with it, I don't even eat the hamburger much, although I enjoy it more when I make it myself. 3_ Tea, It feels relaxing and helps me a lot when I feel sick. 4_ Fruit, it is tender and healthy, the salad is the same, but I love fruit more. 5_ Vegetables, before it was difficult to eat them, but when I decided to give it a try I enjoyed it a lot, although I cannot leave the meat. 6_ King, I feel that you have more freedoms compared to presidents, (don't remind me of the Middle Ages, thank you). 7_ I'm still thinking about this one, I'd better study it as deeply as I can to define which one I fit in and why. 8_ Man, because I am a man and it is very obvious. 9_ I never drove but I think it's more of a car. 10_ Electric, that is possible, but I will investigate to see if it is insane or not. 11_ Walking, I like to keep my physique as healthy as possible and save money. 12_ Flying, even in an imaginative way, but it always made me curious. 13_ Ice, it keeps me at a stable temperature and is very relaxing at times. 14_ Soft, I feel more tender and it is less difficult for me to communicate with others. 15_ Wine, although I still don't drink yet. If you had created a theme called "make your decisions and preferences and tell me why?" It would be very fun to answer there .
  7. Like which?, give me ideas.
  8. O se lo pides a Alexander en Discord o lo envías por mensaje privado, (A Alexander), ten en cuenta que tiene que ser en Ingles, aunque no garantizo nada, vuelvo a repetir, porque?. If anyone has a better answer I would be grateful.
  9. 1._ Es Obligatorio el Inglés. 2._ Porque? 3._ Solo se puede hacer pidiendo a los Administradores del Juego, o no se para ser sincero.
  10. It reminded me of a topic that I published criticizing a person, it took me 2 hours to publish it, but they deleted it, I still don't know why, but it was a waste of time. But I have fun reading something long, usually not hard at all in the forums.
  11. Well, speak for Discord, there it is active and you will find someone you like or talk to Oki Doki, he is an excellent person and I highly recommend him. There is a button where you can hit and enter the Super Mech Server.
  12. You are correct, at that time there were no double modules and since there were no weapons without energy cost it was the most viable at that time, if you decide to investigate a little you will find old videos of people using Free Energy builds, I was investigating and Unfortunately they deleted the source where its benefits are confirmed, but as I repeat, you will find old videos confirmed that before the current arms removed less shield. (A) Actually the first version was the physics one, the reason is because when legacy left, there was a new update that included new more advanced and less obsolete items and among them was that weapon, Basalt Dissolver came out very later, and If you decide to investigate, there is no video that says that Armor Annihilator is a new item. (B) The hatred they have for weapons is for more complex reasons, they depend a lot on people, so that depends on your criteria. (C) There is a balance system, so on their part, they didn't do it wrong on purpose, Basalt would be very strong if he drains 50 explosive resistance. (D) This one I didn't understand much to say. (E) I do not agree with this opinion.
  13. The Energy version originally removed 45 of electrical resistance, and the physical version was older and for that reason they previously removed 45 of resistance, but there was a balance increasing its ability to drain from 45 to 50, but the heat version was not applied because in Back then the free energy was the most OP that they had, and the versions that take life take away more for their cost, I hope this data has made it clear, you can ask if you have more doubts .
  14. With reading the title I thought it would be something like you were playing quietly and you get an ad and it turns out that it is very uncomfortable and is not suitable for children or the general public. Answering your question, some ads contain errors or are corrupted hurting your progress, but apparently it does not come from the game since I saw other ads and nothing happened, I just skipped them or received the rewards normally. I recommend that you search for the origin and report it or enter the premium service.
  15. Congratulations on your achievement Vaya y pensaba que los YouTubers que hablan Español habían muerto.
  16. We will remember you as a legend, I wish you luck and success.
  17. I am about to move up and since they give you a simple insignia because I decided to do something daring, challenge me in one of these three options. Once reaching the rank "I may be late" I will do the one with the most votes. Decide well .
  18. My best achievements in each game. Geometry Dash: 8o, Lunatic Doom Machine, WindyLand Scape, Necrodinamix, Clubstep Nightmares, (100%). Black Blizzard (37%-75%). The Binding of Isaac (Repentance): 1000000% (Afterbirth† at 100%). 1001% (Afterbirth at 100%). Platinum God (Rebirth at 100%). Paladins: Diamond 4 10 champions at lvl +50. Androxus and Fernando almost to lvl 100. Lvl almost 700. Just Shapes & Beats: All bosses in S and I have 15k orbs. Super Mechs: Exist, Or beat a former famous YouTuber on my old account, (can't remember) and have CleverName as a friend. Currently an artist who does not draw much and is looking for work and I want to learn to program, but anyway, that's all from me.
  19. Thanks . Without a doubt I would have entered before, but currently I have complications to win, in my time I think I was the third or fourth most active of the clan offering 500 wins in 1vs1 and I prefer to enter Rank 4 because the AP was also important when I was in the clan. I never had a problem helping with the titan, I always get up early to collect tickets and regarding the damage, for now I have a hard time damaging it, but I do my best While my equipment is currently incomplete, but I can hold out a bit, I very rarely enter Wars and I am always on the lookout for the clan's position and constantly ask the clan leader to see if I can enter or not. Maybe I will ask to join the clan when I can, for now I have to look for important things in real life. Always the clan and its people have been good when I met him, I still remember when the clan was just beginning to grow, it did not even reach rank 6 in those days. Currently I have nothing that doubts me, but thank you for your support, regarding the Avatar I found it nice and I decided to use it, almost 4 hours of work to finish it =).
  20. I was lucky enough to acquire my legendary relic and make a Divine, incidentally a Mythic lvl 1 more, GG OKI, Once I reach Rank 4 I may return to Candela.
  21. It is very obvious that if that is implemented then the scammers would no longer even need to steal accounts since they will only look for suckers who prefer a dawnblaze to a swoop.
  22. Middle Ages robotic version. With the most hostile and painful punishments. That's right! We are talking about the Counter.
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