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Just now, Raul said:

Soon, as soon as more important things are out of the way, such as cheats that still need to be fixed, cheaters that still need to be banned, and etc... Progress it's slow for now, but we will get updates soon, mostly quality of life ones.

Wait what?  That's mean I must start another account?

Hcaptcha scam

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3 minutes ago, Soviet Union mech said:

Wait what?  That's mean I must start another account?

no, there are future things in mind. first working with what GATO inherit of game issues. Few basics has been on the way step by step then will re-focus in others later on. People do not understand that GATO took over some months back in full from Tactic. This takes long plus organize employee, direction, market analysis, ideas, cost, time, laws and lots of other things to work on it and start sacrifices with losses etc etc etc. 👈👀👀👀 new parts will come along, small changes in the game, prices adjustment, tokens, gold and others. 


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