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  1. My alt got this from the portal, on hard mode. This one from the fortune box, on normal. Meanwhile, on my main, had 2 revives on insane and got this. bruh
  2. Another Selfish Guardian and Plat Plate, and a BigDaddy and backfiring EMP for my main. Meanwhile, my alt..
  3. Good thing I keep few legacy items on my alts. Better if they add this one too. (base damage: 50-60)
  4. Got this from the fortune box last week. Waiting to be mythed tho. Finally maxed after getting "frozen"
  5. Nice... maxed it last Monday Also maxed my 2nd Max Protector
  6. From free easter eggs from my main and alt accounts (low quality tho)
  7. Just bought 4 easter eggs, and got some good items. *don't have SS for the first 2 'cuz it has myth food but I got 2 paint kits so... Happy Easter, everyone!
  8. Got my 4th blue vest from fortune box this Valentine's. I guess a myth food this time, and I managed to maxed these... ...just to use the rare ascension relics.
  9. Late to flex the L-M module I got from the fructured item special.
  10. Thank you. I'm also from the old forum
  11. Flexing the Hollow monkey I got from the fortune box in my alt account, and hi everyone!
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