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  1. Raul's post in help was marked as the answer   
    The PC version doesn't support Google Play, it requires your account to have an user and password.

    Open the game in your mobile device, go to Settings, then Accounts, and choose the SUPERMECHS option to create an user and password to your account so you can log in on the pc version.
  2. Raul's post in What flag is this? was marked as the answer   
    He is a pirate.
  3. Raul's post in WU bug I think was marked as the answer   
    Have you updated your browser?
  4. Raul's post in random box,,,?? was marked as the answer   
    It is the free christmas gift. Maybe you can get in your main account if you clear the app's cache. You're not supposed to run many accounts.
  5. Raul's post in negative hp mech was marked as the answer   
    The reviving part is hilarious though.
  6. Raul's post in Can a get a real answer instead of flamewar? Please? was marked as the answer   
    Because it's not a fancy configurations file with a number you can just change and the magic happens, instead drops are set via massive JSON data that gets processed by hundreds of lines of undocumented overly-engineered code that no one knows for sure how it works anymore.

    It's not like Gato wants to hide it from you, much less like knowing the drops would make them drop more legendaries.


    To quote Alexander from a couple days ago:

    "I know how it works I think, but it still has some odd behaviors
    E.g. I dont know why it sometimes doesnt give a premium paint if its listed as an extra item"
  7. Raul's post in Apply Paint to maxed transformable item was marked as the answer   
    Seems just natural that it should take to the regular screen instead of going directly to the transformation. We had the same issue with not being able to paint maxed items before, it was nicely fixed, and this surely can get fixed too.
  8. Raul's post in how bad the account protection system is was marked as the answer   
    Sarah only needs your player ID because she was an administrator with administration tools, which are protected way better than our accounts themselves.
    That bug needs the attacker to have access to your account. Unless you give your password to someone it will never happen.

    If there was any way to steal anyone's account that easily, the people who really should worry about it are top players. Everyone knows them, and certainly, there are many people jealous of their inventory and medals, yet they are not getting hacked at all.
    I don't know what people have been telling you, but it's not like that.
    If you want to make sure that your account is safe, simply do not share your password, don't login from suspicious links, and have a lenghty pass, just the same generic tips as if you wanted to protect your instagram account. 🙂
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