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  1. Just got a Dustmaker drone in a fortune box. Just wondering whether it's worth maxing it up to use in place of a maxed Tonto. I like the fact it's unlimited range, although maybe 100 less damage top end. Anyone have any experience using it?
  2. There's definitely a bug. I did first round of Raid on my new alt, perfect, and then did it on my main, perfect too, and I saw my alt up above me on 300, 450 to thee main's 300,000. No idea what that's all about.
  3. Another shout out for a player who said "perfect shot" as he was beaten. Sadly I didn't get his/her name. Rank 9, all red second mech with a sombrero, which doesn't narrow it down much I know.
  4. I'm in the process of maxing up a Naga. Looking to be better than Grim Reaper and possibly even better than my energy monkey when weight is taken into account. Worth a look?
  5. I refer the Hon. Member to my previous reply.
  6. The base is good for people it's good for. The silver boxes are good for people they're good for. Each to his own. End.
  7. Greedy (the physical version) seems a tad underpowered as well.
  8. Maybe have it like fusing items - two common for a rare, three rare for an epic, four epic for a legendary?
  9. In that case I'll just stick with nice mythical black.
  10. How do you actually use these paint kits? Do they paint a whole mech or just a single item?
  11. Tigergeezer


    I got a free egg. It was worthless. Paint is for losers..
  12. And of course, if you have the base appropriately maxed, you can spend your time grinding on campaign and watching ads and all the rest while the base does its thing in the background; then you have it make a shedload of power kits and maximise your gear. I don't, purely for myself, see much point in spending the gold on the rather poor chance of a Legendary at top end of a factory, but each to his own. It would be a boring old world if we all thought the same way.
  13. Just part of SM's rich tapestry.
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