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  1. Seems to be back up again - I can only assume this is some sort of server maintenance issue.
  2. I'm getting the "connecting to server" screen and no more - this is on both the mobile app and the desktop app. Presumably it will be fixed in a while? Anyone else having the problem?
  3. There is already a search function (top right) - I use it quite often to get at the Maxed Mythicals list. Which makes me wonder - a personal "sticky" function to keep a favourite topic at the top could be good (or if it's there already, instructions on where it is and how to work it would be great).
  4. If you have a second factory, craft loads of commons at level 1 - presently very cheap. Use those commons to upgrade commn power kits - it's a bit fiddly but way more efficient than just using the commons direct to boost items. Then use the PKs to boost what needs boosting. Have you got the gold mines maxed? PKs can be a drain on your gold otherwise.
  5. If you're setting up a heat mech, I think I'd do the Corrupt Light first, and you can ascend it to divine with rare ascension relics, which are a lot easier to come by than epic ones. Rock Recoiler if you're looking at a physical mech.
  6. 6000 gold per PK to start (this is where maxing out the gold mines in the base is key), and you can use Arena coins to reduce the crafting cost (I haven't reduced it very far yet myself, as I'm working on maxing the damage etc. buffs first). I probably farm about 50 PKs a day, and more than break even with the gold mines and campaign gold etc. Really helps with upgrades, and I find farming the final boss in the 1 v. 1 campaign (Bigboy) gives quite a lot of fortune boxes, and you get some legendaries (probably only 3-4% drop rate, mind you) from that. Works for me!
  7. Common and rare, in random proportions but usually about 20% of them are rare.
  8. Once you have a base with all gold mines maxed and two factories (one producing dirt cheap commons and one producing power kits), it works very nicely indeed, particularly for maxing out your mechs. As has been said, it's a slog getting there, but if you do, I think it's better than paying for silver boxes. Bear in mind that when collecting items from the factories, you usually get a "watch ad for reward", and the reward is an extra item, which is guaranteed rare but has maybe 25% chance of being epic. I don't use the top end of the factory for legendaries, as the drop rate doesn't seem much better than free fortune boxes and it's expensive, but I might be doing that wrong.
  9. Try 123 Pam. The boss might be able to make a bit of space.
  10. I do OD6 on insane for XP. As you say, good reward (not bad for gold as well as XP), and fast. OD8 (Bigboy) on hard for general combination of XP, gold and fortune box (I can't reliably autofarm OD8 on insane).
  11. Got an alt in need of a clan also. If you take double-ups, I'd like to join the alt too once there's a space.
  12. One of those Uncle Sam hats would be grooveh.
  13. What were the specials before for 4 July - hat perks, special paint kits etc.?
  14. This. I used to lead with a physical mech but started to get bogged down. As soon as I had a decent heat mech going, I raced along - including 2 v 2, where the heat mech was winning a lot of missions on its own. By the time you get to a level where a boiler isn't making progress, you'll have enough inventory for good extra mechs.
  15. Not quite the same problem here, but the server is slooooow. Needs a new hamster for the wheel.
  16. Yay! I'm in. Dumb question time - where's the club?
  17. It's easier to get a Malice Beam to Divine since it starts at Rare, and at Divine it's a beast. Might work well paired with Ultrabright in the right build.
  18. Any space in the clan,? The clan I'm in is pretty much dead (I think the boss must have borked his account), so I'm after another.
  19. That didn't immediately work, but I just did it again, and it's back. No idea what that was about, but all good. Thanks. Is there a way of marking the thread closed?
  20. I can't login to my account and am getting a "could not connect to server" message - this is on mobile. Never seen that before on mobile, and I can't seem to clear it either, so wondering if it's a bug. I'll try again later, but has anyone lse had a problem logging in on mobile?
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