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Server down?



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2 minutes ago, Rogue said:

Honestly, it seems like they put more effort in this blog page, than they do in the game itself

yeah.... thats kinda true actually.......

Just now, WarrMachine said:

If you can't go a few hours without SuperMechs you need to rethink your priorities. 

well, yeah... ofc since this is a game, but a few hours can mean a lot.... especially on a +50% gold day

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1 hour ago, Rogue said:

I have other things I can do. But I've dedicated a lot of time and effort to this game... and the fact that I paid almost $100 on it... yeah, I'm not the happiest when it doesn't work they way it should.


Honestly, if you paid for a game, any game, you expect the game to work. I paid $100 for a game I enjoyed playing. Now, the game isn't working, and the in game support doesn't work either. I would like to either be reimburse my money, or compensated for the lost time.  


Supermechs being down for a couple of hours isn't the end of the world. Heck - this game isn't pay to play, and the event today is campaign, which is still entirely available to you, since it's just arena that's down. Compensation? For what, arena rewards? Chill out man.

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21 minutes ago, Energy Reaper said:

First the arena, clan and now I can't even open the main screen.😞45286_Screenshot(78).thumb.png.516f64f4d02b4baf6442f476fdc721c8.png

I try to refresh over and over again but the game keep crash.

still the same


2 hours ago, Energy Reaper said:

I haven't claim the season box yet.



I still waiting for it. 🧑‍🌾

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