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  1. Wouldn’t mind a couple more quad cores or my first combined engine unit…
  2. Maybe this should apply to legendary/mythical items only. Higher ranked players have lots of items that kinda just sit in their inventory collecting dust, and it'd be cool to see them be put to use in some other way for the work that was put into making them.
  3. So I had an idea a while ago back when SM was under old management - an item recycler. I was thinking this could help incentivize base building if it were to be added to the game. Basically you can recycle items, such as your unused mythicals/legendaries/(whatever rarity) into items a rarity lower than what they were. However, the recycler should have a penalty/efficiency based on the level it is. For example, at level 1, you recycle 1 item and get back 1 item in return. At level (#) you get back # items. Plus, there would be gold costs associated with the recycler, with higher leveled recyclers costing less gold to use. Your guys' thoughts?
  4. Supermechs being down for a couple of hours isn't the end of the world. Heck - this game isn't pay to play, and the event today is campaign, which is still entirely available to you, since it's just arena that's down. Compensation? For what, arena rewards? Chill out man.
  5. Insane dropped a food legendary for me, so I would assume it should for others
  6. Seems ok, but the individual res fortresses are still a lot better
  7. You know what I want changed? Those old-ass legacy background photos. Y’know for like the “Arena (buff)” news posts, or advertising the YT channel.
  8. Ssundee, a MineCraft yter had two videos on the game pre-Reloaded, and that got me started. Got addicted to the campaign mode with the free Silver, Gold, and Mythic Boxes that would drop legendary items.
  9. Sup. Here's my mechs. 1. Energy! Has Unreliable Guardian. Recently upgraded from Grim Cobra to the EMP and it's been working pretty well as a strong energy breaker. 2. Annoying heat mech #1. Has Firefly, tele, and grapple equipped. Pretty well-rounded since consistent damage and high res + hp. 3. Annoying heat mech #2. Also has firefly. Pretty decent overall, high hp, high damage/res drain over time = win?? idk I really want a Red Rain because then I can be annoying heat #3 - hugger mech w/ TerrorBlade and HeronMark :))) But this is what I got for now. k bye
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