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  1. When doing the special quest, which mission in single mech mode has the most structures?
  2. Two nights in a row. Not inspiring confidence. Guess I'll hold off on a big token purchase until I see some genuine server reliability improvement.
  3. Hey now, slow down with the crazy talk!
  4. And during a + 50% gold event!
  5. I can login, but after the news screen, it attempts to reconnect and then says server error. Happening on multiple devices, Anyone else?
  6. In the current game, it's the Seraph Blade, but it really wants a backstabber drone to make it go. But I love heat builds, and I still have an older account that has a firewall legacy item. Maybe the best distance control item in the game IMHO.
  7. Yup. Same glitchy servers, same offers and weekly "events." New boss, same as the old boss.
  8. Well I can't log in mobile or tablet either, so probably a server issue. Been about an hour.
  9. Holy rusted metal Batman! How did I not know about this before? Thanks!!!
  10. Hello all, A while back there was a group of Youtube videos showing stats for all top weapons, another for side, etc. Is there somewhere I could find comparison stats for things with the newer items and all balancing that has taken place? It'd be a useful resource when deciding what items to work on. Thanks in advance!
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