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  1. Yup, up for a battle or two then crashes again.
  2. Ok, can someone better at math than I am explain how the bonuses for upgrading power units with other power units work? Specifically, the easiest/best way to get the most bang for the buck? Thanks a ton!
  3. It's happening on my kid's account. 2v2 campaign, overlords den, mission 3. Beat the first mech, and got the "defeated" notice, Playing on an iphone. How do I clear his cache? Playing on the app from the apple downloads.
  4. Yup, I still have 1 I use as distance control for a heat mech. The legs (6th photo down), forgot the name, but I love the look. They remind me of the Marauder from Battletech.
  5. Anyone know? It's been two months (April 5th) since he gave any info or updates on the forums, and that was a ban wave announcement. Seems like the game is limping along with no new updates, items, etc. As long as it works, I'll keep playing, but it's starting to feel like an abandoned game.
  6. Back to the portal topic, if we don't get a 4th of July portal, I might be done. I only need a couple more to complete my Captain America unit!
  7. Same issue here. All platforms.
  8. My son saw me playing SM and wanted to try it. He's rank 18, and fought 4 straight opponents who were all or mostly maxed items. One had 2200 hp. That's a disgrace. If you need to play in "easy" mode, go play Minecraft. Stop making it miserable for new players to gain advancement. Alexander, PLEASE find a way to penalize people who quit battles to keep their rank low. Ok, rant over.
  9. When doing the special quest, which mission in single mech mode has the most structures?
  10. Two nights in a row. Not inspiring confidence. Guess I'll hold off on a big token purchase until I see some genuine server reliability improvement.
  11. Hey now, slow down with the crazy talk!
  12. And during a + 50% gold event!
  13. I can login, but after the news screen, it attempts to reconnect and then says server error. Happening on multiple devices, Anyone else?
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