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Show off your christmas presents!


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The first of the 2 days we all have been waiting for, finally arrived! Its christmas! I want to wish you all a merry christmas and to have as much fun as you can during this period! Its this beautiful time of the year again and we have to celebrate it!

Now lets talk about the presents, What did Santa bring you today? 👀

So I barely ask for presents ever since I joined teenage life. I would mostly ask for musical instruments and toys or maybe a few gadgets when I was little, But Now I don't feel like I need much, since I have everything I really need, a beautiful family and good friends, and of course the essentials in life. I hope that you all have the same, Its really enough for me. However I did get myself a few things.

1) And this is my favourite, A surprise present, something I had never imagined to acquire since i didn't even ask for it or expected to have it. A few weeks earlier, a friend of mine that i love and appreciate very much, surprised me with a gift of my favourite video game in Steam. I will be Eternally greatful for this, He maxed out my happiness this Christmas and it wouldn't have been possible without him! 💙 

2) a second 8gb ram stick for my pc to run the game better

My lovely mother bought me:

3) A curl activator hair cream i wanted (for styling purposes) 

4) A pair of brand new warm sleepers for the winter, They are very comfortable, love it!

I will not show pictures of the gifts now since i think you all have an image of how most of the products look like so idk if its necessary and also this topic is actually for you all to reveal your Christmas presents if you want to. Of course I can edit the post with pictures of the presents if you want me to.

But Merry Christmas again everyone

feel free to share your christmas presents below!

Looove and happiness is what every Christmas needs!


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Everyone gave me gift cards.  So here's how it went down:

$75 amazon, gave it to wife and spent $75 on SuperMechs tokens.

Then $50 of my own money on SuperMechs for tokens (self-gift).

Then parents gave me $50, which went to SuperMechs tokens.

I got a quad core booster and a Rusty Energy Armor (and many other items), so I'm pretty happy with that.


"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."


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My self gift, I got to open 30 of my saved packs 🙂

2) I got a green screen for video stuffs!

3) My one dying tie was replaced with four band new ties 😊

4) Got some new shirts, I was needing some longsleeves

5) Spending $$$. I'll be using $50+ of that to continue the host of the WLG and Friends realm (sure, I'll invite you 🙂)

follow me.

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I got nothing this Christmas,unless I count a lollipop.Am I disappointed,though?Could I have asked for more?

Most importantly,I was (and am) in good health,so I could do things.The weather during 25th was way warmer than usual;the entire day went at a constant 9*C so I could just shove that helmet on my head and ride my full-sus right and left.All that while being dressed lighter than in the last few weeks so everything felt all the more fresh.

I stuffed myself on food,candies,cigarettes and whatever else I felt like taking a sip of (or a bigger bite),so there's that.Then I could watch things on my screens unbothered,with the volume set to maximum since nobody cares;it's Christmas and everyone is loud.

Then I spontaneously started feeling felt out and was disappointed,if not sick for a few minute,only to be surprized by a few friends with a message kind of like ''9 pm,my place,no comments or excuses'' and I felt my heart bigger and brighter and warmer and sweeter and everything...even though I knew I'd have more fun at home doing my stuff.

Went there,fell asleep prematurely and woke up at 5 am (my body got used to waking up after about 5-6 hours;I know,it's a pretty sad thing),so I pretty much missed everything.Am I mad?Hell no,that's the one night I got a good sleep and at a more normal hour than my usual 8 am.Then we watched the sunset and my friends started playing their guitars out in the (not-so-)cold.

How did I respond to that?Well,first of all,I was in my uniform so of course I enjoyed myself.Second of all,I was utterly and completely uninterested by what 2 of them were talking and what the other one was playing,so I took it upon myself to listen to some music and just sit there;enjoy the moment,again,unbothered.I felt at peace.

I was on my way back and was full of expectations like ''Holy F,I'm buying that trial,then I'm getting my hands on a flecktarn uniform and heck blah blah''.I got home and all I got was my mother greeting me with ''Oh wow,slept well?Here,have one of those'' and gave me a lollipop and a razorblade (no jokes),only to later ask for that razorblade back because she lost hers ( 😆 lmao).Was I disappointed?

She handed me that cheap little piece of shit and in that instant I thought ''You know what;fuck the bikes and things,I've got all this stuff all over the place'' and made myself a coffee,chewed half the lollipop,smoked a cigarette and drank that coffee,chewed the rest of the lollipop and resumed my normal listening to music,satisfied as ever.I mean I still kind of want that trial bike and I'm struggling to put together that Flecktarn uniform now,but could honestly not ask for moreand not ever dare think to do so.Everything was enough;maybe more than enough for me.

So there you go,as you can see,I received pretty much nothing and all I did was pretty much nothing.In fact,this Christmas has been so ordinary,trivial and underwhelming that not only didn't allow me to take it seriously,but it actually made me feel at peace for one day.Everything was just...calm,static,peaceful,ordinary (and uninteresting;boring yet not unpleasant) insignificant.It just felt natural so I deemed it good.I wanted something big,something huge,I craved that immense blast and in overwhelming numbers  to fuck up my brains...and I got the complete opposite.I didn't even get a sound,let alone a blast - all I got was silence.

Although yeah.

I fucking hate Christmas.

This one wasn't so bad.Again,every day is and could be a holiday depending on the perspective,so nothing's all that shiny and extravagant anymore,when you think about it.To celebrate something or feel good,you don't have to do something wow like blow up fireworks,spend half a salary on props and trips and shit and just get wasted and do super loud things and visit whatever dressed in whatnot...

With that said...I celebrated the day,not the holiday.I celebrated the day itself because it has been special to me,since I rarely feel in such general and natural harmony.In fact,looking back 2 days ago,I absolutely loved that feeling;as if nothing was happening at all and I was just there between things that would do nothing and we'd all just sit there together,somehow,for some reason,in our own way,be it me and my friends or the enviroment that also seemed pretty bored yet calm.Everything was so deadly boring and silent that felt so alive and made me feel so alive.I don't know,I can't explain it,maybe it doesn't even make sense properly but...

Yeah,the only Christmas gift I got...was the day itself.

...and I wouldn't trade that day for anything in the world,be it ten bikes and uniforms and money and whatever worthless shit I originally wished for before I realized how eerie it all was.


I wished for that day to keep going on,for that feeling to never stop.Why am I crying right now;because I never thought I would be capable of such a thing and I have just realized how invaluable some apparently worthless things are that we take so for granted and never mind them compared to such pricy things that are worthless and,in fact,don't even matter.Like,who cares about a bike and a uniform?It's literally some useless garbage to fill up even more space.

Days?We all have days,why would we care.I'd rather take the money.Like,we do things every day. - or something like that.Yeah,but has anyone considered just how priceless that ''nothing'' we do every day is?

Mhm...I think I just learned that sometimes,you have to change your point of focus to truly realize what to regard and esteem.A day in which you do nothing could feel better and more earned than a day in which you have the (seemingly) most success and activity/achievements of your life.

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On 12/28/2020 at 12:38 AM, L4K3 said:

Mhm...I think I just learned that sometimes,you have to change your point of focus to truly realize what to regard and esteem.A day in which you do nothing could feel better and more earned than a day in which you have the (seemingly) most success and activity/achievements of your life.

Eyy That was some storytime! I loved it, and Im really happy you had such a great time regardless of not receiving much presents. Christmas is not about presents but about having a good time at that day. Its very good to learn to appreciate what we have, the "basics" as we call them, friends and family, they mean a lot more than we think, They are actually all we need. They are a gift to us and we are a gift to them. Christmas achieved to become a special day for you too, even tho you did nothing special at that day as you said, well that's the magic of Christmas i suppose! I wish you to have such great experiences often in your life. And xmas is not over.. more holidays such as the new year's even are yet to come!

P.S. please become a writer

14 hours ago, Sparks said:

Your photoshop skills are amazing...

well surprising as it may seem.. the gift premium pack drops varied from 1 legy to 5 legies.

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