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  1. sure it is. I also have to say that i preferred the old forum. This one is complicated. 1) Navigation is difficult. Also old topics with new replies on them appear on top of new content instead of new topics. 2) You don't have privacy, most of your actions are exposed to others like what profile you are watching where you are at and more. I don't like this. and there's more I can't come up with atm
  2. • The insta quit matches do take place. the fact that first turn quits are invisible only hides these matches. • its possible that innocent players get accused but wouldn't you advocate for a whole week against players winning solo medals unethically if you would advocate for innocent players all day? I say that bc, comparably, boosting is a lot more frequent and larger an issue than accusation of innocent players and misunderstandings. Players getting accused would be very rare of anything, bc lets be real it will be obvious whether a player is quitting in despair or bc he intends t
  3. it won't fix everything but it will be a big step closer to stopping boosting bc it will definitely prevent it. Do you have a problem with that? If a player is an ethical one then this change (making replays visible) can not harm them by any means
  4. If Replays were restored, simply everyone could see the continuous insta quits from the same accounts everytime on a player's replays. Therefore it would be ethically wrong for the player to continue boosting. YES boosting IS a big issue as long as players fail to reach top 3 bc other accounts with no repetitions have taken their place. I can't bring examples can I? Lets be real it will be obvious whether the instant quitters who quit bc they will lose are boosters or not. If you have like 5+ Replays in a row with the same player it will obviously be boosting
  5. @Alexander we are all greatful for the banwave. I hope that all top ranks cheaters were caught. However Cheaters are not the only ones who grief the arena. Boosting does too. Please check the leaderboard in the end of every season, even right now. Unless something is done about boosting, manipulative arena won't really change.
  6. banned for having used a Rias Gremory pfp for a while
  7. banned for banning the banned also banned for leaving dracarys
  8. Banned for being cringe af in chats when you were little
  9. The past months ,several players have been deceiving the community by winning solo medals and reaching high ranking by boosting themselves using alt accounts or having others boost them. As a result, individual medals are losing their value and players become demotivated, competition is being destroyed. I believe the only possible way to deal with this is to make all Replays visible, including instant quit Replays so that the players who boost will be exposed at least. In that way they will probably stop boosting since the community will acknowledge that those players are ethically cheating. P
  10. @Nefertary Meriten-Mut what do you think about making another nonsense story contest?
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