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  1. •Day 20 of waiting for a burning shower offer. (I need it as well so i will join you) •Day 1080 of waiting for an invisible portal event
  2. I am not accusing you of hacking... only of doing something that is ethically unfair too, but by far worse than playing counters. Even tho some ppl consider it part of the game, just like counters are unfortunately, you have crossed the limits. I agree with how you justified why counters are unfair. I feel the same. However a smart player won't play the lottery. They will jump in arena when its safe, when they see at least 2 types of elements dominating the arena. That makes is a tactic. Besides its true that some builds are hard to defeat using rounded mechs, so players who lack the inventory to stand a chance against these builds, choose to build counters instead of doing nothing about it and remain at the bottom, always by playing smart and avoiding to depend on lack regarding who they will encounter. Again I find counters very annoying too. Game tho can give the player the potential to make a rounded build that can defeat counters (hybrids).
  3. fair gameplay = not cheating/hacking. I think that's what most ppl understand fair gameplay stands by. So you might want to rephrase your sentence ~~also talk about fair gameplay~~ I have defeated meta energy mechs. I can do that and i mostly win against energy mechs. In my opinion energy resistance on an energy mech is not as important as heat or phys resistance. I don't have phys resistance btw. Energy resistance on energy mech would help against energy free energy mechs, but i have defeated those even like this. I did encounter Avatar last season. I lost due to starting range, I think you can understand that as it is a basic characteristic of 1v1s. about the mercy , distance shredder and double res drainer, i usually lose to those when they have additional energy resistance on. I can still defeat phys scope mechs tho and other sorts of phys mechs. A counter is determined by energy/heat stats , not resistance setup in my opinion. After all the build im running in 1v1s is the best result my inventory could give me.
  4. huh? My mech isn't always a counter. Sometimes I increase heat capacity at the expense of energy but i have beaten huggers without that alteration as well. But even if my build was utterly a counter, how does "playing fair" match with counters? Is playing counters cheating? If its about them being annoying, for sure they are. However at the same time they are a tactic. Please don't mix fair gameplay with counters, it gives ppl the wrong impression, and since this concerned me (bc my build was mentioned), i wouldn't like ppl to get the wrong idea about me either, so deal with that. :SenkoBread: (i wish i could use that here lol)
  5. @Heat Your time machine has been invented for this exact moment. Save the old forums, we are counting on you
  6. sure it is. I also have to say that i preferred the old forum. This one is complicated. 1) Navigation is difficult. Also old topics with new replies on them appear on top of new content instead of new topics. 2) You don't have privacy, most of your actions are exposed to others like what profile you are watching where you are at and more. I don't like this. and there's more I can't come up with atm
  7. • The insta quit matches do take place. the fact that first turn quits are invisible only hides these matches. • its possible that innocent players get accused but wouldn't you advocate for a whole week against players winning solo medals unethically if you would advocate for innocent players all day? I say that bc, comparably, boosting is a lot more frequent and larger an issue than accusation of innocent players and misunderstandings. Players getting accused would be very rare of anything, bc lets be real it will be obvious whether a player is quitting in despair or bc he intends to boost. It will mostly be obvious oh, wasn't aware of that.
  8. it won't fix everything but it will be a big step closer to stopping boosting bc it will definitely prevent it. Do you have a problem with that? If a player is an ethical one then this change (making replays visible) can not harm them by any means
  9. If Replays were restored, simply everyone could see the continuous insta quits from the same accounts everytime on a player's replays. Therefore it would be ethically wrong for the player to continue boosting. YES boosting IS a big issue as long as players fail to reach top 3 bc other accounts with no repetitions have taken their place. I can't bring examples can I? Lets be real it will be obvious whether the instant quitters who quit bc they will lose are boosters or not. If you have like 5+ Replays in a row with the same player it will obviously be boosting
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