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  1. They have been awful quiet lately........
  2. Meh....i used to love the surprises that the old box's brought. Always difrent items
  3. Ehhhh this only sounds good to pay to win players
  4. Good thing they don't own it no more


    Either change password/username or contact one of the devs
  6. Purple paint too! I have a topic about adding a full color editor
  7. Post your sm nostalgia! Something you miss or enjoyed from either legacy or reloaded!
  8. They need to make more torsos styled like the archmode
  9. From what we know squiddy is huge. And he has the tec to controll whole army's of supermechs
  10. The trolling thoooo Add legacy back with the current. Have the good from both games with new original ideas.
  11. I like it this idea! Would be awesome to test out builds for arena to see if they are trash or cash before losing ranks.
  12. I found it on yt a long time ago while looking for super mario. Played it alot in the years of 2012 to current day
  13. For a long time i always wondered what supermechs would look like with different colors. The current colors we have are blue, red, yellow, pink, brown, white. Back in the legacy days, im certain there was orange, dark green, black, grey, purple, light blue and a few others i can't really remember. But what i remember was the variety of color. For a while now the colors have been either the colors i named off first, or the default weapon colors (they change with upgrading). With that said, a color pallet, with a bunch of color presets would bring alot of the variety back to sm. From white to black and the colors, or to say, common colors could be presets, for a quick paint job. For more particular players, you could customize a certain color to their wants and needs with a color maker and adjuster. For example, lets say i want army green, so i choose a dark green preset and to the color editor/costomizer and make army green. To save time, the editor can save your custom color as a preset. In 2018, sm introduced unique skins and they where expencive. So in the color palette, there could be a skin tab and there could be a variety of skins from rusty to zombie skins. These could be the only thing we truly need to pay with tokens. But to make sure there is profit make from this, a color change can require a small fee of 100 sm coins to do this. Decals can also bring out peoples creativity. Decals such as stripes, stars, to clan logos.
  14. Got the axe for dr. Sunburn from this portal as a legendary!!!
  15. This also could be a awesome way to add a spritz of story to supermechs. And a much more awesome way to introduce some new weapons
  16. In reality, there is such lazer, used to clean concrete, rust from metal, and varnish from statues. But this is on a much smaller scale
  17. Maybe like a focused emp arc of some sorts. Its kinda hard to explains using quantum physics. There was gor a little bit a "shock lazer" on tik tok, but was proved fake. Its a wierd wepon, as it would take millions of volts of power to fire it once. My theory it that its a high power "shock lazer" with big focusing or magnifying lenses
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