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  1. I consider it my duty to inform the community that this record has been broken. Trolls fast clan player @CleverName received his 33rd solo gold medal. Let us all greet him in unison. The previous record belonged to @bestplayeroftheworld. Unfortunately, for some reason we will not be able to get a comment on this. It's a pity - because it would be a first-rate drama
  2. You cared about the Trolls ... worried when we took the Molten Beast for an hour. We thought you had a secret sympathy for us and perceived this as a hidden desire to join. And I personally don't see anything wrong with being asked to join. It should boost your self-esteem. Your stay and other clans in the past is not an obstacle for us
  3. This is the first attempt to recruit on the new forum. We need two competitive players to recruit a clan. In a private conversation I will talk about the requirements. Feel free to contact.
  4. It looks like we have " Miss. Destroyer of records "
  5. As a rule, I mean to consider the situation with leadership unchanged until all parties show a desire for change. From what I read above -there is no contact with the person to whom the leadership passed. So the situation is hopeless. And it doesn't matter what the founder of this thread describes. His words can be 100% true and can also be fiction in the eyes of the administration. I want to note that I am sincerely sorry that this happened .... but for me the situation looks hopeless
  6. A change of leader is possible with the consent of all parties ... the old leader ... a potential new leader and several clan members. This must be confirmed in writing in a joint private correspondence with the administrator. If you do not have all the components that I have indicated - you have no chance to change the leader. The administration will consider the current situation as the only acceptable one. And Alexander's personal position has nothing to do with it ... this is the rule. I say this as a person who has gone this way
  7. This is exactly what I'm talking about. We have several f2p accounts in the clan that regularly receive relics and are also competitive. As for the cheating that you are alluding to here, I must tell you that a real cheater does not need clan wars. He will have enough of these golden relics that he will receive from the season box. Then he knows what to do with it. LOL.... Three years ago were "golden times" for the SuperMechs. All the players were happy ... the company was making money. But a man came who united other people around him and the game fell. In the game as in so
  8. If a player wants to become better - he must strive to be in the best clan to get the best rewards in clan wars. Something like "natural selection". If a player for some reason reduces the requirements for himself and does not care about competitiveness -he must accept the fact that his prizes will be low. That's how I see the situation
  9. LOL...add a repulser to your build ... or two. It will be much more fun
  10. Happy New Year to the players, administration and everyone involved in the operation of the game and the forum. May there be peace in your families
  11. Extremely nice ... New Year soon . Do again this for averyone who has more than 20 likes
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