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so let's suppose your mech is 18. for that rank it's okay? I guess but mostly trash. here are the problems:

1.Too many weapons. 

2.Why are the legs mythed instead of the torso? Also those legs are quite bad. 

3.Heat (especially cooling too low). 

4. I highly doubt that thing could even beat bigboy on normal. 


in conclusion your mech needs a lot of work to be okay

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55 minutes ago, Darktide said:

Eh… they all have use

legendary frantic and malice are my main dps, emp serves as an escape button, war hammer for kockback, frantic 2 for emergencies

what kind of emergencies.? you have a lot of weapons. literally 6. 5-3 is the average number in top ranks

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9 hours ago, Darktide said:


Also this is post bigboy normal

I’d give it a 6/10.


If you want a better build try this.

Get lighting recoiler and replace the hammer and the terror cry with that, and add a malice beam, switch legs to msf(massive shocker feet), get and use naga, get face shocker, and try something like this,


And if you get the items try this,



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23 hours ago, Spam said:


I don't think you'll need that many weapons. 

drop a frantic and put on some more utilities (i.e. Teleport and grapple)

On 7/15/2021 at 3:15 AM, Darktide said:


can i see your other stuff? like drone and modules?

Based on just this, probably a 6-7 out of 10. 

EMP is good, but you won't need it at your level. 

Get the energy hammer (Viking Hammer). physical type hammers won't be any good for energy drains. 

Get energy legs. Recommended: Charged walkers or Massive Shocker Feet

You'll only need 1 frantic. imo, frantic is a suicide weapon. really high cost per shot and needs an extreme amount of good rng to be of any good use. 

Grim reaper torso is good for now, but if you find any other Myth-able energy torsos, i recommend you switch it out.

For modules....

Grim comes with a lot of energy cap and regen, but having some more regen won't hurt. That said, the main thing you should focus on is heat cap and cooling. 


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