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  1. the hugger could use terrorblade and put you in range 2. the guy I showed above is COMPLETELY hugger proof
  2. question is : how to be hugger-proof? no more worries, just look at this guy. firewall (range 2-4) 2 knockback dynamite boots (range 1) 2 knockback heat huggers fear this guy
  3. let me guess it launches rockets behind the enemy?
  4. Avenger is a bad physical torso. here is why: very trash heat cap and cooling extra weight below average energy cap and the resistances are below average and no it's not underrated. it's trash. that's why peopke don't use it. and second, physiscal huggers to NOT work at all here we have wingido, one of the best non-premium heat torsos, along with naga and here we have avenger.
  5. free letters my man
  6. Obis

    Rate my mech

    what kind of emergencies.? you have a lot of weapons. literally 6. 5-3 is the average number in top ranks
  7. Obis

    Rate my mech

    yes but why you have so many weapons? you shouldn't focus only on weapons
  8. Obis

    Rate my mech

    so let's suppose your mech is 18. for that rank it's okay? I guess but mostly trash. here are the problems: 1.Too many weapons. 2.Why are the legs mythed instead of the torso? Also those legs are quite bad. 3.Heat (especially cooling too low). 4. I highly doubt that thing could even beat bigboy on normal. in conclusion your mech needs a lot of work to be okay
  9. nope, actually this easter was celebrated with a buffed premium pack and christmas with a snowball perk and a premium box or pack as I remember.
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