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  1. both of these type of torsos have literally the same stats except that cyber armors are p2w (m-m)
  2. Obis

    Test account?

    This account was made after legacy. yes I think it's a new feature being tested to some random accounts. can't be a prank, it would be too hard to edit it in lmao I had this feature like 1 month ago but I ignored it until now because I thought everyone else had it.
  3. Obis

    Test account?

    So I have this 'campaign chat' feature, which allows me to talk from campaign. It's dead 100% of the time. I am asking that: Has anyone else this kind of feature? Also in one of the images here where I try to see if my alt has this feature. A video. And I found this weird thing called 'PlayersinChat'. While I was multitasking (not cheating you dum dum) when I press it nothing happens. SVID_20210621_204715_1.mp4
  4. last item what? New item portal? I think it was defense matrix like 4-5 months ago
  5. I know that there was a 5 knockback legacy sword in the game, just forgot it's name. It could help scope builds Or maybe healing drone. Tho Idk if it's really worth it to use it. It could work out with boilers in campaign I think. video0-8.mp4
  6. I am not a furry concubine
  7. hey how's it going
  8. you guys should know what jokes are
  9. Obisnut the great demands that the tribute of 500 tokens to be given by tomorrow. -obisnut the great
  10. Can someone disable my base? my name is Obisnut
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