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  2. https://media.tenor.com/images/4503df1793a6495f412e101bfea8c003/tenor.gif
  3. Obis

    is this allowed

    problably not, I just found this screenshot but I don't think that's what it is
  4. Obis


    Woa I am late. I got unmuted yesterday. feels good.
  5. No, Bpn means Beats Per Nanoseconds. Measured for [Hyperlink Blocked]
  6. which token box , there are 2 besides I wouldn't be happy getting that torso, it's quite bad
  7. Obis


    Waiting to be unmuted.
  8. Obis


    I have been muted again by a discord moderator abusing his perms. I don't think this is fair at all, they muted me 1000% of personal opinion. Biased mute. I request help.
  9. buff heat. it's too weak, it loses to pys mechs so hard that the pys can beat heat only using the drone
  10. Obis

    The issue

    The issue has been resolved, I have been unbanned. Thanks everyone for the cooperation in this unpredictable event.
  11. Obis


    Yes but I sent one more as a joke to leo but they seem to not like jokes btw not ALL mods, just 2 mods
  12. Obis


    This is a huge issue and very unfair.
  13. Obis


    YouCut_20210927_223225219.mp4 I have been abused by alexander and several other moderators on discord. I got banned for sending one single friend request to leo as a joke. Help, what should I do
  14. your choice mate, what I said here is a 3 for 6, and even better, raid is 0 for 3 what I meant here is 3 fuel for 6 enemies and 0 fuel for 3 enemies. (depends on the raid level you are at)
  15. Obis


    does pregunta mean pregnant?
  16. hey pilots today is special quest: destroy 125 enemies. I wanted to share with you all the best strategy available to all kinds of players. The best mission to farm for this kind of quest is: silent waters, mission 4, 1v1, normal mode. (why this mission? because 3 fuel for 6 enemies, which are tanks) The next step is to complete the mission nerd. Repeat until you have done the quest. edit: the raid is much better than this lol. Yes, you can destroy enemies in raid and it will count. White mecc
  17. what is this topic at this point
  18. Obis


    my issue is that @The Lurking Legendkeeps making topics with the title 'Issue'. I almost died of laughter. please stop. https://media.tenor.com/images/c4ef3bef18c1f73d620933d8edcde70d/tenor.gif
  19. boy, in 2 years, it will surely be disabled I wanted to cancel the request but meeeh. left it there
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