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12 hours ago, nahanpetrov7260 said:

Slightly off topic 🙂

It so happened that my sister found an interesting man here, and recently got married ^_^
(Admin, don't troll!!!)

Is there are handsome people here! 😉 I'm Maria, 28 years old.
I work as a model, successfull - I hope you do too! Although, if you are very good in bed, then you are out of the queue!)))
Like me here plz: http://everydating.org/profile/Lolitahed/ (if wife is around, don't click! :D)
By the way, there was no sex for a long time, it is very difficult to find a decent one...

And no! I am not a prostitute! I prefer harmonious, warm and reliable relationships. I cook deliciously and not only 😉 I have a degree in marketing.

My photo:


The photo is broken, sorry(((
My profile on dating app: http://everydating.org/profile/Lolitahed/
Or write to me in telegram @Lolitahed_best ( start chat with your photo!!!)

Haaahahaa hahaaahahaha

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7 hours ago, Shredder SM said:

So many Platinum Platings... :0


some are fortune boxes or from portals and daily premium box. has been accumulated for long. the game give to the account a lot of modules and drones but it has been bad in granting weapons to make a complete mech in the sense of what we call meta and there are many parts not granted so far with premium packs. At least modules have been decent to give ability to combat. some weapons I do have are coming way back from previous game owner weapon sales to the old forum and regular sales, but I was new, so I got just few then were gone with the new owner. I will say that the account it is strong account generally speaking but if I were to think in money spent it is trash account with so poor weapons grants. If people pay attention, I have been making epic parts all over because of that. Just making sets for the future and or just collection just to make a part for fun. 🤷‍♂️ This is related to O.D. FARM account. 


that include making premium weapons that no longer work in the top side to get R1 on basics unless a full dedicated crazy player playing very serious to get there but current arena mechs are the same one after another with poor diversity because players have become lazy to think and test and make something different making the game a bit boring in the sense of pvp. I was playing for test and fun not for an R1 now I just farm nothing else. 😶

too busy at work 

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24 minutes ago, Cole_Since_2012 said:

Since last season, I've managed to grind out lots of gold, max out lots of PKs and build a META mech, AND get my first ever r3 since Legacy days. :')


nice mech. 

Congrats and happy you are back to be a killer machine. Now you can kill the tops like slicing butter. 👍 Now you can say again "TAKE THAT LOSER" 🤣

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