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OKI DOKI- Still maxing parts to L50. Now remaining less than 10. 😃 I was getting bored to see those very old parts around not maxed even I will not use them only for test. Maxing parts in OKI is moving a bit faster than the resent months because I already reached 400 million and I can be more focus into maxing parts a bit faster but still focusing on gold management because I will make some parts divine at some point for the rare and epic parts maxed. Sadly, I do not have gold relics to use and max parts often. In the last 6 months or year got just 4-5. 🥴 




O.D.FARM- My third Piercing finally maxed. Just dedicated to max parts. I transformed many and now I try to finish them to L50. It will take the rest of the year to complete them because still need to reach 400 million in gold reserve. I am very close and will reach the number this week. 🤡





On 5/11/2023 at 9:41 PM, Alex2040bR said:

Remembering the Bugs of the old supermechs



🥲I miss those times of being in the first rank with the tops, now no way. That vice no longer exists, at most I go in from time to time for some event. And thanks to my little cousin the account remains active 😄

Really funny 🤣

On 1/2/2023 at 11:18 AM, bumbum said:

Quite happy with my module inventory, eventho im missing out the third energy fortress, but its good enough.

This is pure f2p account btw.




I hope you got the missing part. 👍

On 1/11/2023 at 5:09 AM, bestplayeroftheworld said:

Finally ...

Maxed Base ❗


Base maxed.jpg


wow, that took so long for you. 🤣

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OKI DOKI- I still focused into finishing the remaining MYTH parts on L1 and max them. Closing the gap to finish them next month. 🤡 Increasing more gold reserve to be ready and divine some parts after finishing maxing the parts. The storage unit it is one of my original parts never finished and finally I finished. 🤣


O.D.FARM- Finishing to max out MYTH L1 around. Too many to finish. But will progress a bit faster now post reaching 400 million in gold reserves. Still increasing reserve in order, I can use BASE power kits to push faster parts level up. It will take till next year just as a guess. It can be faster depending how I can use properly the 100% fuel and 50% gold days. Will see. I do not have much time. I hope my kids play something time to time at least 5 wins some days a week. 


Progress still going. 😀



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Hi Pilots. 

Hey, I do not know why but keep this thread moving forward alive and flex your achievements. From the best thread in the game dropping to almost not in use. This is sad. 🥴


It is sad that my kids are playing less and less my accounts. My daughter has not been playing my account for long already and my son not even touched for over a week and my acc's are seating collecting dust. I saw my kid playing few yesterday, but my daughter does not have much interest to keep playing. Her R1 personal account is seating there for months and just grind and raid rarely and my son is doing the same with his own R1 account. 

I am too busy to do others and last few weeks has been harsh on me about work barely doing grinding, but I try to do some raid and the titan with low ticket. This TITAN is too high againimage.png.f4b456a015587a0ebd5e850ed28e2efd.png, so I do not even try to collect tickets because takes long and my farming dropped again getting a lot less even still moving a bit but missing days and 2 or3 times only a day. I am no longer trying to collect tickets beyond 250. Sad.....😭

Ok, let see OKI.

OKI- Finished old items never maxed and finally completed. In reality I do not use them, and I have enough data with their use. I just want to finish them that it is all. 


For O.D.FARM- I was able to complete the TRIO set having 3 of them. 







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