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  1. Bans always happen for a reason. So far there have been thousands of banned accounts and none were false. This means that if you got banned, you probably did something that you weren't supposed to! If you'd want to play play again, make a new account and play legitimately. Hope this helps!
  2. There are no differences between a shop pack and a pack from offers. Your best bet is saving for offers as they have way more value, token to pack ratio.
  3. https://supermechs-workshop.vercel.app/
  4. 100 premium packs is a very small ample size to make these drop rate posts. There are people who have opened more than thousands of packs over the years and still have not gotten some items.
  5. Cutting it close, but here is my re-design for a severely underwhelming heat premium: Chaos Bringer (if it was cool and awesome) Spoiler: initial rough concept of the re-design
  6. khan

    Level Rewards

    You get a premium box every 7 levels until level 70, and then one every 10 levels until 250. The best thing is that you get a guaranteed Platinum Plating at level 200, and Maximum Protector at level 250.
  7. The reason seems to be right there. Consider being more respectable in the future.
  8. Preoccupied with university studies, i'm on an indefinite break from the game/discord 🙂

  9. You have to play the portal some more, the pumpkin perk is an uncommon drop, aka not guaranteed.
  10. Common crafting was buffed about 2 years ago, alongside a few other things regarding base. As for this comparison, common items are simply better than "cheap" commons.
  11. They're not bots, they're actual players.
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