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7 hours ago, Silver Shadow said:

I never catching up to your level.



Actually, I have not purchased anything in long time except the bunny day 10 boxes because my kids wanted to click with current tokens at dispositions. Actually, there was 800 packs in the account at some point. 

You are one of the few real grinders with 2 accounts even better than my own maybe the only one at that level on both as creator and owner from start. Also, you have luck on fortune boxes, and I have no luck. It can pass weeks and no grants farming for it, so I do not farm them. Also, you play at top on both, and I play little kid test low rank so no even relics. WARRMACHINE also was or still a real grinder. I keep also balance on the upgrades when farmed keeping those unclaimed boxes controlled because working gets hard to drain them not having enough storage room to unlock the boxes. 

This is the other account post kids opening boxes for their fun. Sadly, they got nothing in the 250 opening or so. Sad history for the kids. image.png.7d8c40f532e284296b7e2350bc90c8fa.png

I will start to farm soon. My kids are giving up for their other activities. I will push for 300m as baseline, and I will keep them at that number for long making parts then to divine some epic level parts due to epic relic accumulation, so I need to increase gold for it. I let them to deal with pvp and raid. They miss them often, but something is something until I can play a bit on my own but hard for now due to work. I connect to forum often but to play it is dangerous. I had stopped to play several times in the past because work and reduced farming as well. As you know, from my start I have been low win player due to lack of time to play basically 5 wins a day but in CANDELA I was playing the base of the clan rule on both accounts but was really hard on me. 

I wanted to play for the gold in need but always has been impossible so my basic has been just farming easy to do on OD6. I want the kids to join a clan at least that they can play 5 wins and do WAR yes or no TITAN but they still in the no side. I might get the account to a clan can be available for it and not necessarily high rank requirement. I do not know their mood so I can't compromise. Totally sad reason the accounts are back to origin of longtime solo player. 🥴

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Remembering the Bugs of the old supermechs



16 hours ago, Alex2040bR said:

Remembering the Bugs of the old supermechs



🥲I miss those times of being in the first rank with the tops, now no way. That vice no longer exists, at most I go in from time to time for some event. And thanks to my little cousin the account remains active 😄

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