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OKI DOKI- I keep focus in gold accumulation till reach 500 million. I am getting very close. After completing that goal, I will get re-focus into increase some more gold for next step into divine some parts and I will continue to make slowly parts till complete that task, then I will switch to use the BASE for power kits as I used to do often. 

My first Vandal. It is for collection plus I do not have much test with it. Never been fan of the weapon. 🤷‍♂️


O.D. FARM my first Purifier. Oh well, and eye sore there so for collection to have one around. Tested in low but not at high. Need to do more test. 



Image result for FUNNY CHEER BEER

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49 minutes ago, OKI DOKI said:

you are really lucky. I just get common or rare and very rare to get epic and to get a legendary pass a bunch of months. 😭

Base really pulled through with this drop! I've been on a lucky streak with drop rates lately but I don't know how much longer it's going to last. Just got to hope I can make the most of it while it's here! 

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13 hours ago, bumbum said:

Been a while since I've been posting here.
I have every drone in the game except FaceShocker as a F2P! (I have HeatPoint but just prefer not showing).


Nice. He is not saying he is actually a PRO crushing me with those. 🤣

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OKI- I still slow and missing some days on farming been too busy at work but keeps moving to a decent speed to keep me keep going. I am trying to keep control making parts slowly and trying to eat parts no longer in need to make some room for the future opening of premium boxes. Sadly, many parts are hard to get them away, but I need the room.  

I will keep progressing in gold collection for the future openings, but I will get focus to dine common-rare-epic parts around 1 par per week or so due to gold cost and I want to keep increasing gold not a goal of gold accumulation but to be ready making power kits etc by the end of the year. image.png.e54e1c42ee9e6b39202b0f96649f50b7.png🙃

Maxed few for collection. Not in need weapons. 



O.D.FARM- I have been farming a lot less than OKI. It can be seen in the amount of gold having now 20million gap between both accounts. I normally kept both in the same level of gold, but work is work and affected O.DFARM as sacrificed acc focusing more on OKI. Sure, when days are average normal, I do the same as OKI. Sure, still progressing focused into reach 500 million and trying to max out parts for months and I need some more months to get it done and have control in the account after my kid's mess. image.png.c9dd15216da901b556fdf3e360dbe0e8.png👀

Just collection. I do not have good parts to make. 🤷‍♂️ 





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18 hours ago, GORGONA said:

Hey, It's my 1st Idk what's its name build SuperMechs_2024-02-16-16-15-34.thumb.jpg.caa28f020e52886f2e5803323ff3adf4.jpgI have some problems... I don't know, what modules to use on it... These are all my useful modules, except 2 plates😅

Becides, when will there be a Swoop poffer, and does it happen at all? 



Well, you can go with different sets depending on the way you prefer to play. 

This one can help for Drone selection. It will be able to select any around whatever prefer. Depending on can even have weight spare to change set up 


I just added a drone just to add one for weight. It will be decent. I used similar for fun. Just have in mind that many does have fast or decent cooling.  

or maybe image.thumb.png.18522f9332c871eebff80283f57bc2bb.png


As you mentioned, Swoop might be great because weight and effect and can add more module or weapon. 

Sure, some other ways. Also, depends on your second mech to complement strategy.  

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