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Zarkares Torso



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1 hour ago, Canucklehead said:

I was just wondering if someone knows why this torso, is heavier, than its' counterparts, such as Windigo?

Also, since Windigo got buffed, should Zarkares not also get some improvements, as well?

sure why not


24 minutes ago, Dark conon mech said:

Zakeres trash windigo better

And yes it needs buff

Somehow I hate players who say zark trash a lot

Hcaptcha scam

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46 minutes ago, Bring live your dreams said:

1. This reduce her weight between 340 — 345


2. More Heat and cooling like 128 cooling and 340 heat

Yeah, I was thinking along the same lines, and I posted a thread in " Balance Changes ", but for some reason, it was locked, and no one ever saw it. I am guessing that Gato is through with buffing items, for the time being.

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