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  1. B) ah? I dont understand very well this E) the Weight no, i refeer more at the damage resistance they do
  2. Understanding, they let the - 45 resis damage in the heat dissolver because the free energy weapons in that time are Op?
  3. then says the ability of erase turns of the enemy with the shutdown its nerfed with a little bit less in the shield breaker? Energy: Drains energy= -50 Heat: Makes Shutdown the mechs = -45 Physical: More damage than the other two= - 50
  4. I dont know, but when i see that i feel that strange, because i understand why the physical drainer maked 50, possible because the objetive basic of physical weapons is kill faster, let me thinking in the energy version has - 45 resis too like the heat version
  5. I wish luck in you training
  6. Seeing for a Bassalt Disolver, i noted a little diference in the shield breakers Epic — Mythical Shield breaker Normal Heat: - 45 resis Energy: - 50 resis Physical: - 50 resis Epic — Mithycal Shield Breaker Fractured, Broken, Damaged Version Heat: - 50 resis Energy: - 50 resis Physical: - 50 resis My question now is, Why the E - M Normal Heat makes - 45 resis and the other 2 make - 50 making these "possibly" equal to the F, D, B versions
  7. When i farm tickets or gold, i decide to buy 8 hours of premium to evade that
  8. 1. Swoop 2. Valiant Sniper 3. Basalt Disolver (why this make 45 resistance damage and the other 50?) 4. Platinum Plates 5. Combined Regeneration and Cooldown Modules
  9. Wow.... i dont expected to see that class of mechs in that ranks i not remenber that ranks like that
  10. Why not? A sniper Drone? Because we have, 2 — 4 and 3 — 6 drones, Why not 7 — 8 drone? Kilometer Ranger or Very Long Ranger Damage: Level 1: 150 — 300 physical damage, level 40: 250 — 450 damage, - 10 resistance Range: 7-8 Uses: 1 use (re activate the Drone) Cost: 15 heat and 15 heat Damage: Level 1: 350 — 500 damage, Level 50 450 — 650 damage, - 15 resistance Cost: 25 heat and 25 energy Uses: 1 //I return again, i have some edits to do to my profile, but i release this blog first
  11. I think the same, but what we can do? Put a update we can save the fuel refil? Like the Titan or Arena coins?
  12. 1. In what you rank stay? 2. Upgrade the modules to legendary 3. Max the weapons
  13. Well, The Authy no can detect my number because it doesn't let my erase a line to make the correct number of phone And i think that is not going to work because a maked the verificación as a security question, equal thanks for help^^
  14. Okey i gonna investigate about the app
  15. That means i cant recuperate this account in case of any damage because i dont saved the code in the authenticator app? If is that, is sad, but i will have to create another account in the community forum in case of that, to start making the progress in other account ...
  16. A question, not if it is an error on my cell phone but why does it ask me to insert an authentication response if I already entered my password and username, that verificación in question should not be in case I have forgotten my password? Why that question appears in every thing in my account if i try to change it? The problem now is that if I try to change the device in case of any damage, I would not have another one besides creating a new account in the community because I cannot change any settings because I do not remember that I had answered the question Somebody knows how to resolve it? Or in any case, a make another account for the comunnity
  17. Thanks for all the tip comments in the last blog i maked (for some reason the Frantic brute question has been erased, idk) making the progress#1 the last blog i make I decide to upgrade the gold mines to a 1 level down from the HQ to start (i have to upgrade now the gold mines to level 9) after that, i question myself if is really good idea upgrade the item base or only use it to food items
  18. I finally ended up changing to the base in supermechs because I had spent my money in an accelerated way and I had almost nothing, so I do not know if it is good, I will start blogging about the progress of my base, the main thing in this principal blog in general is to ask about some tips for the base
  19. And if you dont have so much live in your mech, preferably use the normal version of 24 kg
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