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  1. why different items have the same statistics?
  2. You remembered my suggestion!! , thx man. The game is getting better and better!!!
  3. Cool!, another guy making Super Mechs, I'm surprised by the amount of programmers here in the forum.
  4. If it didn't do it then it would be too powerful
  5. it is good for an energy mech with no ENERGY cost, like party crasher and lightning cutter
  6. Why do you like confetti so much?,I'm pretty sure you like parties.
  7. It looks like THE BOSS, nice job dude , I would like to see it in the game stomping tiny mechs
  8. Gatogames got off to a good start by giving players new items and portals, more opportunities to win tokens, etc. But then it went down when they stopped releasing updates, plus it was always hard to get an'' useful '' legendary. On the other hand, with Tacticsoft was more difficult to get tokens but we all knew that at the end of each month we would obtain a mythical item.
  9. I think that would be too much work for the developers/programmers
  10. Wow, it's great!!!!, now we need a digital version on pc. I LOVE IT
  11. Cool !!!! dude, I want to see them in the game now definitely yes, and.... also.... We need Kong!!!
  12. Looks ULTRA Bright!!! I guess it took you a long time to do that bro me too I hope it's another dino-mech since the previous one you made was great.
  13. It is like a Death Note soundtrack
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